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Pat Haines Sent You a Postcard?

So I got this postcard in the mail yesterday… It was yellow and looked like something you’d get from the government — it even said “Offical Business” at the top. The telegram-style message read:


(The return address on the card was “N.M.E. / 16120 U.S. 19 North / Clearwater, FL 33764” and the phone number was 1-800-693-9206.)

Obviously, the moment I got this, my scam sensors went to overload. When I first saw NME, I thought of the music magazine (especially since this site used to focus on music reviews), but clearly they would not have send me a ludicrous postcard like this one. And, they are located in the UK, not Florida.

So anyhoo, I did some research and found out that N.M.E. is the National Magazine Exchange and when you call they try to scam you into buying a bunch of magazines. The more crappy subscriptions you buy, the better your chance will be to win some GREAT PRIZES!

Obviously if you have come to this site looking for information on Pat Haines or N.M.E., you’re probably already hip to the fact that this is total BS. Here’s your confirmation.

Of course, if you like, go ahead and give “Pat” a call and screw with her. Have fun!

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740 Responses to “Pat Haines Sent You a Postcard?”

  1. Jin Oh Says:

    Received the same PostGram today. Thanks for the heads up. I won’t call.

  2. Sara Says:

    Thanks. This is actually the second thing that lovely Pat has sent me (the other one was pink). I didn’t think it looked quite right, so I didn’t call. Got the yellow one today and decided to do a little research. Thanks for confirming what I suspected.

  3. Steve Says:

    Yep, I got the same also. Thanks for letting me know

  4. Shelley Says:

    Yup! Got mine today! Glad you guys “rambled” about it!

  5. jennie Says:

    i also just got one in the mail. thinking of callling and bullshitting with her what do you think? well thanks for the info!!

  6. Shari Says:

    I received the same postcard and immediately thought “SCAM”. Thanks for enlightening all of us with the who, what and where.

  7. Susanjoy Powers Says:

    August 11, 2005

    For years I have been getting these. No-one answered the phone
    number llisted. 1-800-303-6247 So, I went to the web and here you are. Thanks
    for the “info @ your a winner #894894322n here’s your pink slip to $1,000,000,00 “STRIKE IT RICH IV” SWEEPSTAKES

    Keep up the good work ~peace~

  8. Jenn Says:

    Thanks for the heads up!! Got mine Pat really gets a round! lol

  9. Serena Says:

    Thank you so much for the information…If it was such official buisness, why wouldn’t she have sent it certified?

  10. Betty Says:

    got mine too.

  11. boomer Says:

    I got a yellow postcard in the mail today. Thanks to these posts I know it’s an evil attempt to steal my money. I wonder if these are the same people who repeatedly try to call me, but won’t bother to leave a message if I screen their call. Does the number 727-559-0869 look familiar to anyone? Thanks again

  12. Pamela Hivner = Harrison Says:

    Who is Pat Haines, really who is he or she. Are we a family circle, hey by the way, where is my rolling stone maginzine, i am receiving my us news and tv guide.

  13. Shawna Says:

    I’ve gotten two of these stupid postcards in one week… and it is really making me mad… I didn’t sign up to receive this kind of crap… anyway, I’m going to call and give Pat a piece of my mind! And I’ll give her/him hell for everyone else too.

  14. Melly Says:

    I got one today, my sis was like it doesnt look good, lets google this Pat chick…so we did and now we’re here! so glad I found out before I messed around with this thing… I hope this site keeps others from being suckered into Pat’s scam too…and how perfect is Pat for a scammer, male? female? umm dont know!

  15. Mary Says:

    This Pat is sick. Why wont he/she get an honest job like most people. Anyway, thanks songoose.

  16. Mary Says:

    I got my card yesterday. Just an FYI, if you cross out the bar code on the postcard and write “return to sender” on it, the mail service will have to return it to Pat and Pat will be charged a return postage fee and maybe it will put a stop to this one anyway.

  17. John Says:

    Got a yellow card like this a few days ago. Hmm… maybe we all do like what Mary said and return the postgram to Pat. And let he/she pays for the postage again…Hahaha… Let us all working against mail spam…

  18. AJ Says:

    My roommate just got the postgram from Pat today, and I was wondering if it was something that he would need to see, so I looked it up. Good for us to know that it is a scam- I think I got a postcard a while back myself. Didn’t call tho- if they wanted to talk to me that badly, they would find a better way.

  19. sevilnatas Says:

    i’m crossing out the barcode now, thanx for the heads up.

  20. LVKII Says:

    Yepper, thought it was funny also, I like the barrcode thing, greeting’s from south Texas……..Thanks

  21. Justin Kooy Says:

    Yeah, I got that too. Pat is now my new friend. Gave him a call. But his roommate answered, Alexander or something like that. He really wanted the number that Pat sent me. I told him that I couldn’t give away personal information like that without Pat’s permission. Then Alexander made up some lame story about how Pat Haines is a made up name. I told him that I can’t believe that, and before I could give up the number, I would have to hear it from Pat that he does not actually exist. He started yelling at me. Then Sue started talking to me and she wanted the number too. I finally got them to leave me alone about it, but I never did get to talk to Pat Haines.

  22. Matt Carter Says:

    Hey thanks just got one and ran a check on the net to find out what the hell it was about thanks for the heads up

  23. Katie Says:

    LOL Justin! Don’t have time for that kind of fun, myself. I have a GREEN card. Anyone else get a green card? Cool blog.

  24. Anonymous Helper Says:

    I too just received a letter from Pat Haines, I called the 800 # and they asked for my confirmation #. I changed a couple digits around, they asked if I was someone else and I said yes. I asked for Pat Haines and they admitted that was a marketing name they used and that there is no Pat Haines. Then I said i wanted my million dollars they said I had coming to me and they changed their story saying i have a chance to win a million dollars if I buy these magazines. Then I said i had a chance to win the lottery and it would only cost me a dollar. I checked on a couple very helpful websites about rip offs and scams before I called them. So my reason for calling was entertainment purposes only. Anyway, its just a marketing ploy to get you to buy a bunck of worthless magazines.

  25. Jenn Says:

    Got my card today too. Mine is GREEN also. :) I figured it was a scam. Googled the name and the phone number they wanted me to call and ended up here. I will definitely be crossing out the barcode. They can have their junk mail back, I don’t want it. I do that to a lot of people – send their mail (and other people’s mail) back in the “Business Reply Mail” enevelope. Sometimes I put in rocks to make it weigh more – after all, they’re paying for it, not me. Works like a charm. Just have to make sure your name is off that stuff. 😉 Thanks for the heads-up.

  26. Krystyna Says:

    Hey, I am from Richmond Virginia and I have also recieved this beautiful yellow “official business” postcard from PAT Haines. If you call you get some speech about buying magazines that enter you into sweepstakes to win money. I would reccomend screwing with them to :)

  27. JOHN Says:


  28. Nicolle Says:

    Mine is green. We all must have gone to the same or an affiliated website. Whatever. Thanks for the warning.

  29. Steffy Says:

    Mine is yellow…Why couldn’t I get a green one?? They should research our favorite colors before sending us this crap. Justin and Mr. Anonymous gave me a good laugh for the day. If I can schedule it around my two kid schedule, I might give Mr. Pat a call and blow off some steam. I’ll let you know if it turns out pretty funny. Oh yeah, that 727 number that girl posted previously is a calling card number…it’s probably someone she knows…try answering it.

  30. Bruno Says:

    Mine is a green postcard. I looked up zip (Florida) then googled name and sales rep and got songoose. It’s the very first site on the page. GREAT site thanks for all info. Will be mailing mine back also.

  31. Tina Says:

    I got a green post card, I called the number and the man that answered said I am a preffered card holder, and have been selected to enter in a sweepstakes asked me for my 9 digit id number…. As I was talking to him I googled the name” Pat Haines” and got to this site… Good thing I did!!!

  32. GP Says:

    Just got my post card today. I got a green post card. First, I thought it was a very important telegram but the minute I read its really sounds fishy. I make a research on the net to find out who is “Pat Haines?”. I end up in this web site. It really confirm that this “Pat Haines is a scam”. Thank you so much for the heads up.

  33. steve from pottstgrove pa Says:

    hey good looking out wife got one today the heck with that crap figured it was a scam no body sends anything like this acept money grubbing fools thanks guys

  34. chad Says:

    VERY IMPORTANT: For all you people who think it is fun to call these guys, just be aware that they do get your phone number automatically when you call. And no, blocking caller-id doesn’t matter. All 800 numbers by law, it is obvious if you think about it as the phone co. need the numbers to prove billing amounts, send the caller’s number along. And even if you sign up for a do-not-call list, because you have previously called N.M.E. and ‘established’ (legalese) a relationship with them, they have the legal right to call you back all they want. If they are as shady as it seems they are, then they will probably sell your phone number attached with your address info they already have to other worthless companies. Also, by you calling them, you are in effect confirming that your address information is correct and that you do read your junk mail, thus making you a good candidate for more junk mail, oh joy!

    also: crossing out the barcode and trying to return the item to sender will do nothing. only first class mail, and other special rated mail with address correction works in this manner and it doesn’t cost the sender any more money. first class mail and some rates have free return to sender clauses. other address correction rates that advertisers use don’t cost the senders anymore for returns either; the postal company actually processes the return and address information and sends the data to the company, discarding the returned mail.

    finally: when you call, your not abusing the ‘people’ responsible for this crap, your just abusing some poor low wage worker who would rather be doing any other job but the one there at now; there often down on their luck and just trying to pay the bills and feed themselves and their families. they deal with the this crap 24/7 so your call will be no different – they are not going to listen to you and make anything better. the only person you hurt is the little guy who doesn’t get the sale and gets fired.

    slightly off-center: the real problem here is not the companies doing this, they are just exploiting the rules and laws of the land. your government, more specifically your postal service, is responsible for this nightmare. there will never be a do-not-mail registry as that would bankrupt the postal system. when you think about the costs of a tv commercials compared with the ridiculously low pre-sorted lower rate class junk mail rates, it is a heck-of-a cheap option. your postal service gives better rates to these imbeciles than decent hard working folks like you and i.

  35. Rebeca Kane Says:

    Thanks for the heads up. I got my card too. I thought I won something, but then red flags went off and decided to search the Internet for info. Thanks again.

  36. Anonymous Chads Says:

    I have an idea. So we won’t establish ‘legalese’, we can all call from payphones. That way we will not have to deal with the callbacks. When they ask for your code, give them the wrong one like almost everyone on this site has already done. This way, you cannot give them any reassurance that your address is in the slightest way correct. They did not even put my first name on the card, just an initial…just make up a name, they will never know. The ‘low wage’ workers who work here should not be too upset to get these phone calls, after all they are the ones that decided to work for a corrupt company. Definition of corrupt: 1) Venal; dishonest 2) Containing errors or alterations, as a text. By the way, who was Pat Haines again? Oh yeah, a made up name.

  37. Kim Says:

    mine went directly into the shredder

  38. TAMBRAT Says:


  39. Lyn Says:

    Thanks for the heads up, got mine in the post today

  40. Chris Says:

    Got mine today. It was yellow – going straight to the trash. Thanks for the info.

  41. Justin Kooy (again) Says:

    Hey, Its Justin again! This is for Chad. I haven’t got any phone calls from them, and they haven’t been bothering me, so as long as you don’t give up any information, I don’t think its an issue. Plus it’a a fun way to make a friend, or two.

  42. Nicholas Bryan Says:

    I got my yellow card awhile ago but hadn’t called because I wasn’t sure what it was, I then put it aside and forgot about it. I just found it and wanted to know what it was, so I googled Pat Haines. I’m glad I did, I don’t think I would’ve called anyway.

  43. saeed Says:

    thanks for your information about this pat guy. I am glad I didn’t call and waist my time.



  45. Jermell Says:

    I got one of these stupid postcards in the mail today AT MY JOB, IM pissed that they would send this crap to my work adress, Ive been gettin things from Pat Hains for like 2 years now but never anything that went to my job.

    I won 10,000 100,000,000 or so Pat Claims

    I knew that was a scam the first time.

  46. Steven Noble the 3rd Says:

    I just got mine, its green. They called me a few months ago, the guy had a European accent and wasnt talking professional at all, from that i knew it was a very big scam. This stuff really pisses me off, i’m extremely tempted to send this back or call them to screw with them.. but it’s not worth my valuable time. 😀 . This chad guy who left that extremely long message which defended “Pat Haines” seems suspicious, Maybe he works for or is The “Pat Haines” telling everyone to stop annoying him and making him have to pay for his stupid letters?? just a thought. I’d still advice everyone to just toss it in the trash.. Thanks for the heads up songoose!!

  47. Kris Says:

    I’ve received about ten of the pink slips, and just today received a yellow post card. The first time I got a pink slip I thought it was worth a shot so I called and ended up subscribing. After $70.00 or so was deducted from my account, I realized I didn’t want the magazines and used the excuse of being a college student and not having time to read them. They cancelled my account there and then and I was refunded, but I have still, to this day, been receiving junk mail from them. I brought one in to my advertising professor once and she gave an interesting analysis of why they designed the card that way. At least I got an education from these cards! Cheers!

  48. Tasha Says:

    Thanks for the info. Received a GREEN one today. Looked very official but I totally didn’t fall for it.

  49. Shannon Says:

    Thanks for the warning! I recevied the same postgram yesterday, but it was on a green slip. I looked it up on the internet because, i thought i knew the name from something before and I remembered I had received about three latters last summer saying I had won something and to call the number right away and that it was URGENT.

  50. Luke Says:

    Yep.. I’m now a member of the “Green Card Club.” I got that B.S. today, did a search and read about the scams. I’m all for a “I HATE PAT HAINES” t-shirt! ‘preciate the heads up.

  51. Sandy Says:

    Well first I feel bad for anyone that has the unfortunate luck to be named Pat Haines. It’s no wonder that they ahve been having trouble reaching us all what with generating all these post cards and answering all of the calls.

    One thing that my brother used to do (which is kind of harmless and made him feel better) is that he would take all of these types of mailings and rip them up and then either put it in an envelope and mail it to the return address (especially if they give you one of those postage paid ones) and include a very polite note with a ficticious name of his own and ask the individual [whomever opens the mail] to “Please throw this away for him.”

    He also does this with the extra fliers that are always included in his credit card statements. Does not good in stopping the mailing…..but it makes him feel a little better and who knows, might even give the poor guy who has to open the mail a little bit of a chuckle……sure beats making calls.

  52. The1Jon Says:

    Wow – the internet is a great resource. I’m glad I checked it out first! Thanks for the info!

  53. Giorgio Belicio Says:

    Yeah! Sure! Naive… you guys are giving up your email address in here too! Best: Do not call; do not answer to this trends!; shred the card, forget about…

  54. Harold Johnson Says:

    So. California
    I got one 9/1/05. Mine is green and doesn’t have a return addres! Thanks to you I know better than to call.

    Is this just “deceptive” or is this “fraudulent”?

    Do the postal regulations speek to the issue of “deceptive” practices?

    Thanks Again!

  55. rodrigo bethune Says:

    Amazing what people’ll try to rip you off. When in doubt google it. Thanks for having this info up on your site.

  56. Patbo Says:

    I got mine today, 2 Sep 05. Pat must be working in cycles, eh? On the, “Important Delivery Letter” it had the return address in a handwriting script; very sneaky…no sale.

    In the trash at this writing. Recommend others do the same.

    Thanks to google for having links to sort stuff like this out. Thanks…patbo

  57. Amanda Says:

    Thank you for letting the people know! I got mine today and Pat can f#ck right off.

  58. Sweetie Pie Says:

    I got one in the mail today. My card was green. I was not going to call anyway because i do not remember appling for a job or anything refering to a Pat Haines. This website was very helpful. Thank you for making this website. I know that it is helping everyone who gets that card.

  59. Uncle Joe Says:

    Got the same post card with the same info. It was green…hey my favorite color. I used it to see how many times I can tear up a piece of junk mail before I would give up. It looks like 7 rips. Put the pieces in the trash and there ye be. Nice try Pat!!!

  60. once burned Says:

    I got one green one too! We recently changed phone numbers so I thought maybe it was someone “important” trying ot reach us. Thank goodness I googled first!

  61. Chris Says:

    I just got one today. Interesting!

  62. Mitch Says:

    Ole Pat’s got quite a pretty gay little scam going on. I got the green postgram card in the mail today. Thanks for the heads up. What a bunch of jackasses. Appreciate the scam details

  63. Laura Says:

    I went and got the mail today and it actualy said my boyfriend’s name and i called him at work to see if he knew what it was, he told me to call it and she “Pat” was away from the office or they were closed. so then i just googled this search and the first thing that came up was this saying it was a scam. i had a strong feeling it would be some type of scam, im really glad there are websites like this one. thanks!!

  64. Your awesome Says:

    Thanks for the heads up, youve got to love the internet. Your post was perfect match. My biggest question is how did this person from FLORIDA get our address information?

  65. Wojo Says:


  66. Jai Says:

    Very suspicious green card. Why not identify your business? Made me look it up. Perfect match. Thank you

  67. roberto Says:

    hello all you lucky guys. me too, recived a pink official notice, thanks for the information and heads up, hi from sanfrancis

  68. sarah Says:

    I was sent one as well… pink. Thanks for the heads up! :-)

  69. Subrosa Says:

    Well, gee. I got one, too. I’m up here in New England, so we all know she gets around. Anyhoo, thanks for the heads up.

  70. Uncle Joe Says:

    Are the card colors based on regions (i.e. pink for west coast, green for midwest/east coast). I’m from Illinois and got the green card. Saw that somebody was from San Fran and got a pink card…what gives? I also forgot to say that I too google searched Pat and came upon this site. Thanks for the help.

  71. JonJon Says:

    Not only is my card green, it also has a nice yellow new address label over my old address and the USPS has forwarded my new mailing address to N.M.E. I sure hope they send me that birthday card in a couple of months now that they have my new address.

    Funny that the USPS doesn’t even have a form 2051p. Very slick of PAT to throw that “form” number in the lower right corner.

    I like the “See Reverse for Instructions” on the front of the postgram. Instructions on how to dial the phone number? I didn’t call b/c it didn’t give me those instructions.

    At least it’s not an AOL CD drink coaster.

  72. Nikki Says:

    Here’s a toll free number to call our friend Pat on a daily basis and supposedly receive an entry in the $1,000,000 sweepstakes. You can leave your name and address or a piece of your mind if you prefer. 1-800-581-3308

  73. Amy Says:

    Yeah I got a green one on the mail today. I suspected a scam, but did a little research for a confirmation. Thanks.

  74. Wende Says:

    Ohh Thanks for the warning! I recevied the yellow postgram from Pat Haines too. It said on back of postcard Delivery First Class postcard and sender zip code 33764 , Message We are trying to reach you . Please call us at the number shown on the reverse of this card. This is a free call. Sincerely- Pat Haines Sale Represntative . So I looked reverse of the postcard and relazied that number ( 800-581-3318) because I have my ID Caller popped up with that same number with no provider keeps calling here several times and I never pick it up because I don’t trust that (800) that could be SCAM .. So I looked it up on the internet because I want to know who is Pat Haines and what kind of business she has but I am glad I found you and read this .. Many Thanks for the heads up!!

  75. Jennifer Says:

    thank you so much….i’ve been getting this for the last 3 yrs, of course i called and didn’t get shit but these stupid paper envelopes

    pple, don’t call them! these phony envelopes are ripp offs, how dare they do this to anyone!

  76. gaby Says:

    Thank you for your help! I recivied a green one on my mail today, and now I know what to do…

  77. Charlie Says:

    Me finding this site shows the power of a good google search! Thanks for the info. I thought it was bullshit

  78. Angela Says:

    Yes, I also got my lovely pink letter. Thanks for the heads up!

  79. T Says:

    Well, I knew it was a scam before I read anything other than “my name”. The name I use when I sign up for anything is not my real name, and that’s the name that was on the postgram. I decided to look it up anyway, and I’m glad I did. I’m gonna take Mary’s suggestion to cross out the bar code and return it to sender; so Ms.Haines will be charged another fee!

  80. Brammy Says:

    Yep, I got the postcard also. I never called. Now I am glad I didn’t. Thanks!

  81. Mark Says:

    Mine arrived today, at work of all places. I used to buy New Music Express, so my interest was briefly piqued, but it looked like a scam. Thanks for the debunking.

  82. ralph Says:

    i just got this official PINk notice put their not offering me $1,000,000 dollars only $400,000
    my friend in alaska got this same spam delivery too now were N.M.E SPAM brothers now

  83. Martha Says:

    Thank you for this wonderful info. Songoose!
    I have received Ms. Haines’s mail yesterday, and I gave her a call today. I asked her if she has a web site to check about this thing first, and she said “no one have ever asked me such a thing before. But, if you want I can give you the customer service phone number, which is 1-800-235-3623, go ahead and give them a call they will give you the information that you need.
    It sounds very funny to me when she said “she doesn’t know if they do have a web site.”

    Thanks again for saving me.

  84. Janet Says:

    I received my PINK notice today from Pat. Wow! She/He really gets around, huh? My phone number to call was 1-888-727-6247. I guess if I won $1,000,000, they really would find a way to contact me. If I won that much, I’d expect them to arrive with balloons and flowers like the PCH people. HA!

  85. Richard Says:

    October 27th at 4:22 PM I just received my “green card” from Pat HAines. I did a search and found your web-site. The phone number I was given is 1-800-581-3316. Maybe everyone should call eachof the numbers she provided periodically and say we just wanted to say no.

  86. Suzy Says:

    I Got Mines Too Official Business PostGram Mine Is Green Color And I Had No Idea Whats That For Does Everybody Have That Too?

  87. Suzy Says:

    If Pat Haines Send This Needs To Stop Because Onetime I Got That Same Shit Offical Busniess PostGram From Pat And Im Sick Of Getting It He Or She Needs To Stop Sending It I would rip that up if I were you!

  88. Reni Says:

    Thanks, everyone and Google! I got mine today and it’s in green color. It’s in my trash now :)

  89. Debbie Says:

    I also got the green postcard today thanks for the heads up

  90. AMY LANDON Says:


  91. Allison Says:

    Dude it is so funny that so many of us have received this silly card and have actually gone onto the internet to research it and found this same website. If anyone reads this, I just want to say, because I care, that we are all sinners, nobody is perfect except God. To be with God we cannot be in sin and so we must turn to God and put our faith in Him. He loves us and wants to save us all from our sin, so He sent His Son Jesus to die on a cross for us, that we might have eternal life in Heaven. When we die, and we all will eventually, we will be face to face with God and if we have not turned to Him, we will be judged. No one is good apart from God. We need Him and He is the best thing that has ever happened to my life. Most satisfying and fulfilling. God will never leave you. The pain and suffering in this world is a biproduct of the sin we have caused, but in Heaven, there will never be any of that. Heaven is not harps and clouds….it is a place just like this earth with worlds to explore and all the time to do it, but without all of the pain and the sin and the bad. You are reading this now, probably thinking, this isnt for me. If you make that choice, you deny God and you will spend eternity regretting it. Regrets are painful, but we get ourselves into them. We need to turn from the ways of our sin nature and give our lives over to God. To know more, please email Allison at

  92. MAXTAXIN Says:

    Got a green one too. I will definetely play with ‘PAT’ a little bit!

  93. henne Says:

    Yep, got my green slip today. Isn’t it interesting that a lot of these junk mail type of scams come creeping out of Clearwater, FL (there’re several others that come to my mind.. for example the Government Grants Association). Must be some sort of crook-magnet, that town. Well, no wonder – I mean, come on, they’re also hosting the infamous world headquarter of the scamtology church (no offense in case someone here actually believes in Xenu).

    – henne

  94. rachele Says:

    i got mine today its green and i got to say thanks for this site or i would have called so thanks

  95. JOHN SAYS Says:


  96. M Says:

    Got the same card today, not the first time either and it seems whereever I go, I have moved cross several states in recent years and back too, this person finds me again…only this time its a green card….wanna feel freaked out….the first time I received this card, addressed from this same name…Pat Haines…no kidding…that was my madien name and the man who provided the sperm married for the 6th time…a Pat no less….life deals us all strange stuff : )

  97. raziel Says:

    gracias muchachos
    buen trabajo

  98. Steve Jenkins Says:

    I also received a yellow postcard and discovered that it’ a scam.

  99. Tonio Says:

    I got the same as all of you (Green, PostGrame). I made the mistake of calling and they said that my chances of winning will increase with the membership of two magzines for about only two dollars i kept asking questions and they said they’ll will tranfer me to another speacialist. However, i refused and i told the guy that i dont’ want any magzines. Then they made another offer about a Gateway computer, like me i kept asking questions and i was transfferd. Before they transferd me they asked about my phone number, to see if it is currect. They said my cell phone number but i said it wasn’t correct. So i gaved them another number. The transfer was made ontill i was answere by a “Gateway” spealist. That see almost crossed the line for my info. I refused again. That’s my story. I Hope nobody else calls this number. PLEASE DONT CALL IT’S NOT WORTH THE 2 MILLION THEY ARE AFRERING. NOTHING BUT A SCAM. THANKS. AND THANKS FOR EVERY ELSE FOR CLEAR THIS UP FOR ME.

  100. Toya-Chan Says:

    Yup, I JUST got this in the mail today. My roommate thought it was bogus, tho i was really gonna call.
    then i googled the address and NME and Pat Haines and found out it was a complete waste of my time.
    Thanks for the heads up. ^_^

  101. JP Says:

    Allison – Get your own site.

    Everyone else – Got my “green card” today! Don’t think I’ll be in touch with Pat.



  103. Becca Boo Says:

    I also got the green one…they are pretty shady, it really looks like something official!

  104. Rosie Says:

    Thank you very much because I just got a green one today and my mind shot to all kinds of scenarios. And I was very skeptical about the entire situation. And yes, it does look official. So it distressed me.

  105. Jason Says:

    Received a card for Jason (my husband) told them my name was Jason. Let them go thru the whole spill after a long discussion about my name being Jason and me being female. When they confirmed my phone # I told them INCORRECT and gave them our fax # instead. Kept them on the phone until they asked for my credit card #…told them sorry for wasting their time…sending postcard back now. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  106. pamela Says:

    i recieved mine today and the color is now green.thanks for informing me.

  107. michelle Says:

    hahahaha – what bs!! i got the green card and i cannot believe it. I am trying to get child support and i thought this may have something to do with it because it looked so official, but i called the # and i heard something about sweepstakes and i just hung up! What crap!! Pat Heines, if you read any of these, just know that we all know what crap you really are…..and leave us alone!!!!

  108. Meme Says:

    Hey, thanks for the info….I thought is was lame. I am definately sending it back to good old Patty-Pat.

  109. kiki Says:

    got a green one today too. glad i searched about what it was before i called.

  110. Anonymous Says:

    Awesome! A friend got their’s today.

  111. Adriana Says:

    Thanks for that, I just got mine. Nice to know it’s not something real…I don’t have time to spend talking to ridiculous scammers.


  112. G Says:

    LOL… Another win for the blogosphere.

  113. Holly Says:

    thanks for the info I was skeptical too!! I won’t call and waste any precious time with these skam artists!

  114. Jenn Says:

    They are still green….enjoyed reading this much more than talking to a scammer! Thanks

  115. Mr. F Says:

    At first i thought that this might be something other than a scam because of alll th B.S. phone number that I have given out.
    First I searched Pat on my email, nothing, then google then this.
    But the person a while ago that said by calling your just confirming that the address was right and enabling them to sell your phone number is completely right.
    1. you can them up, get pissed, and make them answerers day a litle bit worse, just some one who is working for minimum wage and would rather have another job & then making THEM more money because now they can SELL BOTH YOUR PHONE NUMBER AND ADDRESS to OTHER spammers.
    2. Just rip up the stupid postcard and go on with your life.

  116. Brian Says:

    Got my green card today. Here’s a quote from another site regarding NME:

    “The Clearwater, FL BBB reports that the Florida Attorney General announced, in January 2000, an ongoing investigation of the company’s telemarketing sweepstakes practices.”

    Thanks for all your help.

  117. Karen Day Says:

    Did what I do to all scaming telemarketers – i signed Pat Haines up to receive “special offers” from a number of sites. I hope Pat likes all the attention.

  118. cat Says:

    I heard the last winner of their actual Million Dollar Sweepstakes was a man by the name of Matthew Kacik from Oakdale, Pennsylvania. So maybe the magazines are a bit sketchy, but if you do want to enter the sweepstakes give them the ID number and tell them to put you on the No Call/No Mail list (my cousin works there and by law they have to put you on it if you tell them to) and you won’t recieve anymore mailers or any phone calls cause they can’t sell your info then. And you’ll still be entered to win the money also the new sweepstakes is 2 million dollars, 30 annual payments of $70,000 and the one million dollar sweepstakes that’s ending I guess December 15th is 30 annual installments of $30,333 or something like that. Just some info for you guys that are sick of recieving the mailers, I know I am but you need to call in and tell them to put you on the NO CALL/NO MAIL list otherwise they’ll keep sending them until you can’t see straight because every other attempt doesn’t work(i’ve tried). The employees make $7.50/hr or commission whichever is greater but the system is set up so they can’t make commission unless they work like 60 hours a week which is total bullshit I believe. It’s set up so that every hang up and disconnected call counts against them as well as people with no credit cards and they have to make like 24% sales or whatever or they won’t get commission and they’ve been known to fire people before their vacation begins so they won’t have to pay them for it. By the way the real name of the company in Clearwater is Special Data Processing. And yes you can look them up online but all it talks about is their multi-million dollar building with the capacity for all these people to work there and blah blah blah. DEATH TO THAT SHITTY PLACE. And NO Pat Haines does not exist and the person answering if female or male is some one different. It’s a fake name, but if you call after midnight the “mysterious Pat Haines” have a message on there recorded so you think it’s actually a real person (or so I heard) give it a try what could it hurt but a few sore ribs from laughing..right?

  119. Harold Lerch Says:

    I was certain it was a scam, i just didn’t know how. I found this site and all the humorous comments when I “Googled” the 800 number. Screw Pat.

  120. Ken Says:

    I thought it was B.S. Thanks for confirming it. The internet, and you are awesome having sites like this! -Ken

  121. Jaque Le'feates Tinque Says:

    Got this card yesterday, when I retrieved it from the box mixed with local flyers as the”Thanks-Christmas-Giving” season kicks off next week. It looks as though they are bordering USPS official business cards. I’m surprised they even let them use their service, but hey, they’re not stupid by collecting the postage fee of $23.00+/-(US) per hundred up front. I may do what Cat recommended by calling just to have another shot at having my name, address, and phone number added to the NO-NO-NO list since it doesn’t work anyway. Funny, I paid an annually increasing fee every month to the telephone company for an “unlisted” number and it never stopped people from trying to contact me in whatever fashion. Finally wised up, cancelled the service, and now my name and address are published in the local phone book. My phone and answering machine are now silent also__Strange! Well, I’m a little off the subject(ok, a lot) of N.M.E. but, I think it’s like my name if you say it real fast. Gooday!

  122. Juan Miranda Says:

    thanks it def.cleared it up for me

  123. Will Young Says:

    The sad part is some do fall for this sort of deceit. Too bad they don’t list a e-mail or web address, but I guess that would make them seem even more legit…more than just an 800 number. My folks are almost in their eighties and I have to watch out for them with #$@*! like this.

    Thanks, by the way, for the heads up… this is actually the best defense.

  124. Darren Says:

    Thanks for the heads up! Recieved the same “Official Business, PostGram” yesterday. Except mine was light green in color. Let’s all gang up and really mess with her. That would be kinda fun, don’t you guys think so. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

  125. tony Says:

    Got mine today, it was Green. Immediately did a google search. I’m glad there are some other folks out there that are on the look out for crap like this. Thanks!

  126. Alex Says:

    Thanks for the warning, I got the same telegram as everyone else, did the research, and read the warning, screw them all

  127. Maria Says:

    And who says the internet is evil!! It definitely helped me. Thank you songoose!

  128. Chris Ann Says:

    Got the same postcard from dear old Pat. Did Google search for the 800 number and viola! thanks for the heads up.

  129. dave Says:

    got one today, (green) never heard of it so googled it and here we be, thanks for the info.

  130. koolguy Says:

    anyhow I got one today too, I think we all should do something about this guys its time we fight back, lets sign up to whole bunch of mailing lists under the company’s name and see how they like junk bullsh*t mail, pass this on so we can all make a difference, lots of people get scammed for thousands of dollars cause of monsters like this, worst thing about it the constitution doesnt do anything to stop it, fight back, use their company address, look up pat haines in florida phone book, sign em up to sweepstakes and post their telephone numbers to sexual classified ads but do it without promoting them. Pass this message on and fight back

  131. Jess Says:

    Thank you for posting that, I have recieved a couple of those postcards, but as you said, your scam sensors become aware. That’s exactly what mine did. Therefore I never called. I decided to try to reverse lookup the number, but nothing came up. I then googled the number and here was this website. It’s a great warning and thanks for posting this. It saved me a lot of wasted time.

  132. Travis Says:

    Got one o’ these today. Mine was green though, and had no return address. just a zip code “33764”.

  133. Patti in Memphis Says:

    I got the first one of these postcards a couple of months ago — it was the one that said “We’re going nuts trying to reach you” with the cretinoid drawing of the peanuts on it.

  134. Lolly Says:

    I just got the yellow version and so I shagged the 800 number on google and your site came right up. THANK YOU. I figured it was scam, but because you took the time to post this page up, it took five seconds to confirm it and toss the thing in the dustbin.

  135. Vanessa Says:

    i got my today thank you guys for the info on this stupid “official bussiness” crap i will call her and mess with her sorry ass

  136. cat Says:

    you guys are not understanding this, Pat Haines does NOT exist. If you call the number the only person that you are going to get is a low paid telemarketer who is put there to first enter you into the sweepstakes then if you’re not smart enough to say going to ask you if you still carry a credit card. IF you say yes you will be pitched some lousy sales scheme to get you to buy magazines. If you tell them no at the credit card part..they’ll put you in the sweepstakes and it will be all over with. As for the mailer. My suggestion is…throw it away or call and request to be put on their “no call/no mail list. And the thing about signing them up for all the junk mailers. Good try but it’s not going to work. It’s a huge company and only the REALLY important stuff gets to the big wigs up top. They have a mail room with more low paid people there to sort out that stuff and throw it away and unload or reload more mailers to be sent out to you. So honestly by you calling and “harrassing” who ever you get on the phone with you’re not saying or doing anything that they haven’t already heard. Besides that my cousin says that they are taught something called “acknowledge and ignore” which means they ackowledge what you’ve said and ignore all the nasty things you attempted to yell at them and use it to rebuttal you some more. The company is employing over 1200 people to sit on the phones and try to sell you stuff after they’ve entered you in the’s just like the Publishers Clearing House only Ed Mcman and Dick Clark don’t come banging on your door. the real name to the company is Special Data Processing or SDP for short google it and look at their company website it has it all there in black and white with a pretty picture of the building as well.

  137. cat Says:

    if you can’t find the web site it’s

  138. Jay Says:

    Yep…got the green one…mother in law thought it was probably a timeshare, and to call them and tell them I wasn’t interested. Instead, I googled it and here I am! Very amusing, folks!

    Hopefully the dude/gal who invented this annoyance will get some kind of karmic retribution *grins evilly* since I was quite worried at first when I got the card, and could well do without five minutes of worry in my life – especially unecessarily!

  139. Lisa Says:

    I say we all call and use up minutes on that 800 number.

  140. jakester Says:

    Remember to read the entry:

    chad Says:
    August 23rd, 2005 at 1:07 am

    Don’t call!

  141. Ari Says:

    Thank you for this heads up, we all appreciate it!!!!

  142. Jimmy Says:

    Thank you for this information. Found you via Google.

  143. GEoRge Says:

    Thanks for the heads up!! Got mine today….

  144. Larissa Wade Says:

    Thanks for the warning.I looked you all up online,and just been waiting for my little green (POSTGRAM) all week and just got mine in the mail as a (FIRST CLASS) message.

  145. Mel Says:

    Oh Oh! I got a postgram! Mine was green. I had to research what this odd postcard was and now I know, I wonder how many suckers “Pat Haines” has gotten to call?

  146. Dan Says:

    I am going to rip it up then send it back to them and ask them to wipe their ass with it or throw it away themselves. I HATE TELEMARKETERS!!!

  147. Lisa Says:

    I recieved my card in the mail today. I actually thought someone important was trying to contact me. I work a graveyard shift and called at two in the morning. Of course i got a stupid recording asking to call back later. Then I got curious about who was trying to contact me so i looked it up. Thank goodness i found out it was a scam. I like to screw with telemarketers like this it is so much fun. so like most of you i will probably call and give a fake name and have some fun when i’m bored. Thanks for the heads up though i was kinda worried that someone needed to contact me.

  148. Streator Says:


    (The return address on the card was “N.M.E. / 16120 U.S. 19 North / Clearwater, FL 33764″ and the phone number was 1-800-581-3318.)

    Well, like a cat, LOL, my curiosity got to the best of me. So I GOOGLE it… and here I am… WOW!! I am so glad that I did not call that phone number!! I was going to “Return To Sender”, but after reading the above posts. I will file the snot GREEN post card under “S”= Sh*tmail (Shredder). THANK YOU for the INFO & heads up… AWESOME website you have here!! Keep up the good work!!

  149. Sweetwalking Says:

    I receive a postcard and I want to thank you for the heads up. The number that I have is 1-800-581-3316.

    MerryXmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family.

  150. Brennah-Rose Says:

    I also received the green card today and research brought me here. Years ago I was scammed by a yellow card that said “we’re going nuts tryin to reach you”. If you ever get this card, IT IS A SCAM, and they do disappear. Thanks all for the laughs and info.—B_R

  151. PAUL Says:


  152. Andy Says:

    What a waste of time, energy and money, not to mention a tree!

  153. Michelle Says:

    Got this card and had no idea what it was…but i thought it looked suspicious. Thanks for the info, now i know not to waste my time.

  154. Susan Says:

    I got my Official Business ‘green’ postcard today. I googled the tollfree number, My instincts were right, it is a scam. I am VERY grateful to this site. You saved me a lot of time! Keep up the good work.
    Happy New Year!

  155. Hung Says:

    DAMN!! I love the internet. You can find anything here. Yes, I got my green postcard too. To start off the New Years, I’ll give them a call for shitz and giggles.


  156. Ingrid Says:

    Got the green card December 27th and it looked fishy to me so I googled on the tollfree number. I am very grateful for this site for not having fallen for a scam or wasted more time….I just think there ought to be a way to stop this person from continuing bothering people. How in the world did they get my address?

  157. san Says:

    i get it yesterday,it’s a green card!but i am so silly that i call Pat!can anyone help me to cancel the order?

  158. Rach Says:

    Thanks so much for the tip! I received the same postcard, and thought it was quite shady. Screw this Pat! :-)

  159. cljmotown Says:

    My husband AND I both received the green card. He called (without my knowledge) and secided it was a bunch of crap. His card didn’t even have a return address to return ti too. Mine will be dropped in an outgoing mailbox tomorrow:-) Hope Pat appreciates it.

  160. Bruce NYPD Says:

    I knew it was BS right from the start. Dont forget if you make the call dont get suckered in for any info Re: Birthday,SS, Credit Card Ect. To much ID Theft Going on just with a phone call like this card offers.
    Bruce…Ret NYPD

  161. sri.h.kolla Says:

    Thanks to SONGOOSE, which saved lot of my anxiety and time. I am a visitor here and I did n’t know what it is about or how they got my address! I often wonder about the agreesive (strange) ways of marketing in USA and equally exigent
    ways available for finding the truth about them.

  162. white russian Says:

    Thanks, got a “snot” green card as well, also immediately thought what it was, but just in case googled it to find all these people rambling about it, thanks for the heads up.

  163. jay Says:

    the bbb has been after these cons ever since 2000.they are scammers.they have over 25 aka that they go by they send white pink yellow and green postcards to people trun pat haines in to the bbb and fbi. they pick on the old young and handicapped they try toseal money from checking accounts cards your id ect. they need to go to prison where cons belongs.

  164. rick Says:

    thanks for the heads up!!! got the postcard and was like what the f**k, thanks to you I didn’t call…

  165. Mel Says:

    Pat’s still busy at work. I got my yellow postcard today. It has two peanuts on it and says “We’re going NUTS trying to reach you! I googled the phone # on the card and found this site. I’m not sure how I got on this wonderful mailing list.

  166. drew Says:

    Hello from CA. So I recieved a green “post gram” today, and called the number (not knowing what this was about) with no response, so I decided to do some research, googled the address and found you guys… Thank you!!!

  167. Ryan Says:

    I’ve got a couple of these from them. They are fun people. I recorded a few of the calls. A copy is at Regrettably, I didn’t record the last one I made, which was probably the best of them all.

  168. Gerry Says:

    Got a green card today,…….thought it was a scam….thanks to everyone for your imput.

  169. Gerry Says:

    Thanks guys, my card was a green one

  170. K Says:


    I got a green post card. I WILL NOT CALL! What a waste of time. Thank you to all repliers. F*cking with them will do nothing, it would be stooping down to their level. Taking an eye for an eye attitude with telemarketers and scammers will only prove that we are ALL IDIOTS AND MORONS. Get on with your life! So you have to spend about a miligram of energy picking up this shitty postcard and placing it in the garbage. BIG DEAL! So what if you keep receiving it? Burn Calories! Excercise your wrist muscles by throwing it away!

  171. Beetham Says:

    HA! Wow. I wonder if anyone actually calls this “Pat” person. I received mine today and laughed my ass off when I read it.

  172. Dick Says:

    I have had two “invitations” from said Pat Haines, Sales Representive, second one was pink and said “we are trying to reach you” regarding a sweepstakes prize. The minute I read that I knew it was a scam because they reached me with the mail! Thanks everyone for helping others of us out.

  173. Bryan Says:

    I just got one of those postcards today. Thanks for saving me the hassle

  174. Sean Et Cetera Says:

    Got my “Official Business” green card today. Figured this it was going to be something like this, and I was right. It’s good to see that my meatspace spam filter algorithm works effectively.

  175. Chas.... Says:

    How do we get put on the “Do Not Mail” registery? Instead of them calling you, you are being scammed into calling them.

  176. Scott Says:

    My wife received her fourth notice in 5 months… Man, we are going to be RICH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the head’s up.

  177. Allia J. Says:

    My card was green, and I actually almost called from my home number…but due to some recent scam emails about winning “an undisclosed amount through an inheritance”, I thought I’d check things out first..glad I did! Thanks for the heads up!

  178. Gladys Says:

    Hey, thanks alot for the info. I also, got a green card. You saved me from being aggravated with someone who doesn’t understand the word NO! Not interested! Thanks again!

  179. elie Says:

    what a bunch of mother fucking bullshit this scunt should be arrested

  180. David Says:

    Did a Google and found your feedback on N.R.E. Very informative and of course useful.
    There should be a way to reverse annoy these people. Keep up the good work.

  181. jocelyn Says:

    Yeah I’ve gotten mine too. I wonder how it is that they got our mailing info in the first place. It is rather annoying. I have too much going on in my life to deal with this crap. My card was yellow. I wonder also if there is some sort of significance in the color… of if this isn’t some sort of psychological experiment, or social experiment funded by large oil corporations or TimeWarner.

  182. Rose Says:

    I recieived an “Official Business” card today that was green from Pat Haines.
    The phone # was 1-888-227-1098. My first thought was to go on the computer and check this out. Sure glad I did. But had a funny feeling about this and didn’t bother to call. Sure glad I didn’t waist my time.

  183. Ryszard Says:

    Got my pink slip too, 800.693.9247 as the number for the “Strike It Rich V” Sweepstakes. 800.690.3623 to have name and address removed from any future sweepstakes mailings, privacy policy at

    I agree, calling from your phone gives your phone number to them, calling from a pay phone only aggrevates the person answering the phones who have that job only because they don’t have the current opportunity to a better job, and won’t pass the word higher up the chain.

    Sending it back does not do anything since the Post Office only sends back first class mail, and trashes all the rest.

    So far I’ve seen, yes they are legitimate, just trying to sell subscriptions to the less wary than ones who post here.

    My advice: Shred it, go on with your life with the ones you love, and wait for them to piss off the mobsters. ^.^

    Dziekuje bardzo, Google, Mr. F, cat, & especially Songoose!
    – Ryszek

  184. Ryszard Says:

    Just found this for reporting to the BBB:

  185. C. M. Krause Says:

    Received the green card also, and it upset me much. I am 76 years old and not really good with the computer, but I decided to check it out on the internet before calling the number on the card, (as I figured that they would get my phone number, and then I would be ‘bugged’ the rest of my life), and to see if I could find out anything on this. Thanks you guys, for reply to getting same card in the mail. The card did seem offical, but with everything going on in this world now a days, you better either not respond to a card like this, or do what I did, as many others did this too, go on the internet and check it out. I also will check out the BBB on this.

  186. brock Says:

    got the green postcard called and lmao then just said bye

  187. j cooper Says:

    i got a green one today

    i’m gonna fuck with pat haines big time
    thanks for the heads up…………..

  188. Rubydoo Says:

    I got a pink slip today. I won 2,100,000! Woo-hoo! Thank you, Pat, I’ll never have to work again!

    It also had a RollingStone logo on it and must be a new number (It had no google record). 1-800-581-3324.

    I receive mailings from Pat about once a month.

  189. Richard Says:

    I got my post card today and i called them and told them to take me off there mailing list.

  190. hgman Says:

    Got the old green card up here in Maine. tel;1-800-581-3318. Bet thers’s more than 1 Pat Haines.
    It’s pobably one of those telemarketers that can’t speak English. Anybody in Florida ever go to 16120 US 19 North Clearwater Florida just to see if it exist?
    They will ,change the name and location &/or number as needed.

  191. Man U. L. Labor Says:

    Praise be to Blessed Birjin Merree! I recieve GREEN CARD in mail today!! This mean I STAY in Merrika!! Maybe to get yob werkeene por Pat Heinous!!

  192. Melissa Schrepfer Kacik Says:

    Well, since my search brought me to this page, I’d like to let everyone in on a little secret…PAT HAINES, NME & THE STRIKE IT RICH SWEEPSTAKES is all very much NOT a fraud. Matthew is my husband & we were treated like royalty when NME flew us to Clearwater, Florida March 2004 to meet everyone. It’s really your loss if you think it’s all BS.

  193. Ben and Casey Schachtman Says:

    Hey, thanks for the heads up. We almost called. Whew. Stupid Pat. Once again, this proves the general fabulouslness of all things eminating from Florida.

  194. val Says:

    Thanks for all info posted here, it’s helpful indeed.

  195. KelleyDye Says:

    got the shit in the mail today …just curious as to the “fuel” of the scam …thanks for the heads up

  196. John Says:

    Has anyone tried to find the winners

  197. spike Says:

    the address “16120 us 19 north clearwater florida 3376” doesn’t show up on yahoo maps…i think im going to call her though. just to see if what kind of porno mags they have !

  198. Marina.Philadelphia Says:

    “Rubydoo Says:

    January 16th, 2006 at 7:21 am
    I got a pink slip today. I won 2,100,000! Woo-hoo! Thank you, Pat, I’ll never have to work again!

    It also had a RollingStone logo on it and must be a new number (It had no google record). 1-800-581-3324.

    I receive mailings from Pat about once a month. ”

    BINGO!!! Got the shit in the mail today…PINK DREAMS from Pat :))))

  199. Carmela, New York Says:

    I received an official business card from Pat Haines today. My radar went up and I decided to the number on line which was a “toll-free” number 1-800-581-3316. Since the card as everyone else who received doesn’t give you any information with the exception that Mr/Ms Pat Haine is trying to reach you.

    Not wanting to daily in the event to was a telemarketing I tried the phone number using reverse phone number in the white pages online. What do you know it came up can’t be found.

    I then did a search on MSN just using the following Post Gram and what do you think came up. All different sites stating SCAMS- POST GRAMS FROM PAT HAINES.

    After reading some of them and I sorry some when caught up in this scam. I happy that I will not be one of the unfortunate ones pulled in.

  200. meg Says:

    wow, thanks for the help guys. i got one pink slip today and im praying that i wont get another. this has actually been a second scam for me this week..

  201. Gee Says:

    Thanks for the update. I got one today and I thought it is too good to be true. Got this website on google search and saved all the trouble.


  202. Jen Says:

    Just received mine. As a graphic designer, I can tell you this mailer could not look more official.

    Mine is made of pink carbon paper with a tear tab on the side. My red flag went up when I noticed that you can see straight through it, defeating the purpose of that kind of mailer. My name was printed, but Pat’s information was handwritten. I feel bad for the poor guy who had to hand write Pat Haines info on these mailers.

    Mine was for $2,100,000.00. In the fine print it says, “There is no purchase required to enter…” probably a response the these blog entries.

    It also has the freakin’ Rolling Stone logo on it and the fine print says, “The Rolling Stone logo appears with publisher permission… ”

    I really hope I receive more of these. I would like to keep a Pat Haines scrapbook.

    Los Angeles

  203. shoaib memon Says:

    please sendt me information


    my postcard is green .ALL I CAN SAY THAT PAT HAINES IS A SCAME ARTIST.

  205. JACQUELINE Says:

    I GOT A PINK ONE TODAY. I ALSO GOT SOME FROM SOME OTHER ONE BUT I FORGOT THE NAME. SAYING I WON 3 BILLION SOMETHING DOLLARS. LET ME WRITE IT IN SPANISH FOR PEOPLE THAT DON’T KNOW ENGLISH. ESTO ES UNA FARSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO LE CREAN A ESTO.

  206. Tyler Says:

    I also got one of these Pink letters today. for 2,100,000.00 I want to call and tell them that i want my money and i am not going to buy nothing. Just to mess around then i am going to send the envelope back with a NOTE inside telling her how i feel about her scam. You should all do it. LOL Have fun.

    Check out my new casino website it is neat.

  207. Jessy Says:

    I got a GREEN one today. At first I thought it was something important, but then curiosity got the better of me and I came on here and realized that PAT HAINES is a very poorly thought out scam. I ffel very bad for the people who actually called and thought that they had won money.

  208. Ken Says:

    I got a green one today, so after reading all the responses I threw it in the garbage.

  209. Ken Says:

    I received a green postcard today. After reading all the responses I threw it in the garbage.

  210. Ken Says:

    I received a green postcard today. After reading all of the responses I thre it in the garbage.

  211. Bobby G. Says:

    I also got one of the “green” postgrams today, and after I got the hairs on the nape of my neck to go back down (scam radar…doncha love it?), I contacted both the BBB and my state’s attorney general’s office to register a complaint about these scammers.
    Seems if everyone here pitched a fit to the attorney general’s all OVER the place…well…it’s like if ya toss enough crap at a wall…some of it’s BOUND to stick, right?

    Great site y’all got here!

  212. Lori Says:

    I received a pink one today. My ‘scam’ radar went off as well. I did open it up to read what it contained but I knew that it was a scam of some sort. I also knew that by going into google and search for ‘Pat Haines’ that I would get some sort of dirt and info on it. Glad I did. Thanks for taking the time to inform others.

  213. Greg Says:

    I remember getting one of these before (sorry forgot the color) which ended up in the wood stove. Thought I’d give Goggle a chance to find a thread on this “contest” this time.
    Thanks for the input.
    P.S. the card is back to pink.

  214. cat Says:

    My cousin used to work at Special Data Processing (NME) yes it exists. I’m answering hgman’s question. It’s right around the corner from where I live basically. From what I understand, what you guys is working, they are down to 500 employees from over 2000. I would like to suggest letting the people that don’t speak any English NOT to call in. They WILL take advantage of them and charge them for magazines. You ALL need to contact your state attorneys office and if you can..file a class action lawsuit for harrassment about those stupid postcards. You guys can do this TAKE THEM THE REST OF THE WAY DOWN!! I can’t do anything because technically Florida doesn’t deal with them. The state government won’t let them sell to us because they are violating statutes that exist here but not in other states. I will try and get a winners list (although i don’t think one exists). GREAT WORK GUYS!



  216. js Says:

    Got my green “postgram” today. I didn’t even know I had entered a $2,100,000 sweepstakes. He he. I’m in CA. Thanks for the heads up everyone.


  217. JHM Says:

    Thanks, I got a pink envelope that says official notice and it was from pat haines, thank God I read before on internet,….no body gives money for free that is BS>

  218. Brad Says:

    I got the green one yesterday, and immediately knew something just wasn’t right. Lo and behold, it seems like everyone has gotten these stupid things. I wonder why the company doesn’t change their name or something…….you’d think they realize that the majority of people have computers and are wary of uninvited junk mail.

    Oh well; I’m not calling these people, as much as I’d like to yell at them for being so stupid. : )

    Great site!

  219. Tracy Says:

    Same goes for me. I just recieved a green postcard stating the samething; official business, regarding to your sweepstakes entry. what a bunch of lies. I’m glad there is a site like this to confirm my suspicions. thanks.

  220. letti Says:

    got my pink envelope today…goes in the junk rightaway!

  221. John Says:

    I did what no one has done so far, well from what I read…fall for it, f*** it! Take the magazines, just give them a phony cc number! You got yourself FREE magazines!! They’re scammers anyway…

  222. Julie Says:

    I got the pink one.
    I went to the toilet and defecated and took some and put on the pink sheet and mail it back to Pat Haines.

  223. mary Says:

    I received an “official” card back in july,06. I too wantd to know exactly who NME is, so i reverse checked the phone # to get the actual name of the business, then I googled the actual name and @ that time warning sites were not coming up. So I called to see what & how I won,since the pnone # was legit I ordered 1 mag. that I buy @ checkout already, this way to get a discount! for 2 Yrs. and a complimentary mag. for a Yr. free. Now I am being harassed for owing nearly $200. on 8 mags.(in only 6 mo.!) they keep sending me & I have paid postage to return once. When I called to cancel back in Nov. they said this is what was processed @ time of order, and I was stuck w/ them all for 4 yrs. So I canceled my bank card, have not sent them $, but they keeep sending them anyway. Why would thy keep sending them if they’re obviously not going to get they’re $. So they can have the legal system scam me for it plus court costs? Can they do this? How can this happen & they get away w/ it ,w/out a signature? They claim I have no rights @ this point. How could I not when I’m the victim, and they are the scammers?

  224. Diane Says:

    Got a pink notice today, it says it is the 2nd attempt, not sure when the first one was.
    Thanks for posting!

  225. Natalie Says:

    I got one today! Sounds pretty much like everyone else’s.

    I also received something similar from another postcard scam. The company is “ARC, Inc” (American Reading Club), & they are up to the exact same things this company is. The most common return address is Cumming, GA. And the most common representative is Karen Hightower. However, I have heard that they are sending these postcards out with different return addresses & representatives. Just keep your eyes open for this scam, too!

  226. Natalie Says:

    By the way, I am filing a complaint with the government right now. I suggest you all do the same!

  227. Pranab Bagchi Says:

    Got a pink “Second Notice” saying that Pat Hains had called me regarding my $2,100,000.00 sweepstakes ID 526422681. I knew that it was a scam! Googled “RollingStone, Clear water, FL 33764,” and found your site! Thanks for putting it up. It has been useful to me and will be of use to people who will spend a minute to research such letters.

  228. jeff Says:

    What a gas to read this thread – 9 months long and running strong! I’m curious, did anyone actually get a winners list for the last sweepstakes?

  229. Mysterious M Says:

    Way back someone said a Kacik guy in PA won the sweepstakes… I googled *him*. Looks like he is actually part of a drug ring!? So I’d say the winners list is a scam too.

  230. Kirk H Says:

    Yep, I got the same also. Thanks so much for posting this and letting us know

  231. Earl Says:

    Got a green one, thanks , I’m gonna go see my postman.

  232. ALMA Says:

    I LIVED AT 1570 E102ND ST APT 3A ;BROOKLYN;NY,11236

  233. Shirley Says:

    I received a postcard from Pat Haines on today. I thought it was a bunch of crap. I know it was to good to be true.
    Thanks again you are a champ.

  234. Jennie R Says:

    I got the same post card in the mail about two mounths ago saying I had won money and to send $20 to recieve it I just said ” take it out of my winnings” and sent it back. Then today I got a pink letter in the mail saying that I could win $2,100,000 if I called the toll free number. I looked it up on google and came to your site thank you for the warning!

  235. Lainie Says:

    Thanks so much for taking the time to post this information. I got my postcard today, it was green. Thanks again for all your help!

  236. Ian Says:

    I got the postcard and was on the phone with the supervisor as we were going over my order. When he asked for my credit card info I felt a little wierd to I googled Pat Haines and found myself here. Holy crap am I lucky.
    They were offering a free gift of 2 diamond watches on top of the 5 magazines (2 free) for $1.29/week. Damned I should have noticed the scam earlier. Fucking professional though.

  237. PaperLinerLady Says:

    Mine was yellow – it of course reeked of scam – though as they say curiosity….- thanks for taking the time to do the initial posting…at least I got Pat Haines voice mail after hiding my phone #. Very unprofessional as her voice mail did not say anything about the company name…oh yea guess that vague point was intentional also.

  238. m@ Says:

    I received a yellow card today (truely though, green is my favorite color) and called the number just to see what they wanted (no cash was promised on the card, just a message that they tried to contact me) and Pat’s answering machine picked up the call! I see she (it was a she) has gotten a bit more sneaky….

  239. Rich Says:

    The scumbag sent me one with the number 800-578-2715.It went straight in the trash where it belongs.I would like to toss these kind of people there.Bunch of lowlifes.

  240. R.Raven Says:

    Yes, got the same today 04.01.06 hate scamers very much, have any of you gotten the email scam from the Nigerian? If not be wery. Do not send ANYONE any money or information about yourself.
    Be safe, do your research.

  241. Stacy Says:

    yup- mine was pink- thanks for posting it

  242. kameila Says:

    my bf recieved the same postgram he told me to read it he wanted me to check it out i immediately knew it was bull but to be sure i type pat haines into the aol keyword and this popped up thank you

  243. Meksican Says:

    got my pink treasure today. i thot it might’ve been sum lucky day but oh well just another assHO who, lets face it, deserves a foot up their ass. the way i see it they have my adress and my money why not send it…thanks for posting

  244. MonkeyKing Says:

    Just got my green postcard in the mail. Has anyone verified that the phone # : 1-888-227-1098 really is toll free? My first thought was that it was a # from some offshore island country and that I’d be charged $15/min for talking to whoever was on the other end…

  245. AngelaFree Says:

    Received my mock certified letter deal today. Seems the post office could have a complaint as well, for the mockery of registered mail that NME is making.

    What a load! I’m glad I googled this scam before I wasted my time with it.

    Thanks for being here.

    -Angela in Daphne, AL

  246. Malachi Says:

    I knew it! Scam-O-Rama! Yeah..Yeah…I got the GREEN CARD TOO! I can’t wait to call that number and give em’ all my sensitive information and LIFE SAVINGS… I’m gonna BUY everything and anything they want to sell me cuz I really, really, want to WIN that $2.1 mil. By the way…….SONGOOSE….ROCKS! – N.M.E. says so.

  247. Tom Says:

    I got a PostGram from Pat Haines yesterday. My was green with the 1-888-227-1098phone number for N.M.E. I’m only posting really to increase the likelyhood of a hit from google searches to help keep people informed.

  248. rob Says:

    I got this same postcard, And apprently alot of other people. WOw. Someone should smite her off the face of the earth. But done nicely of course.

  249. xi Says:

    I got the 1-888-227-1098 card. I actually took the time to google it instead of tossing it right away because it looks somewhat real. I can’t believe people are still doing this type of scam these days.

  250. Dave Varella Says:

    Yeah, I just got one of these today, mine was green witht he number 1-888-227-1098.. Wish it was real -.-

  251. Dave Varella Says:

    I just called for fun and it was some guy that sounded like an idiot. And yeah, they tried getting me to subscribe to offers

  252. Dean Perkins Says:

    Got a green one for 2,100,000….. Had all the earmarks of SCAM – googled and came here to confirm.

    BTW: For fun each month – I take all the junk mail that has a pre-paid mail envelope, remove any personal info
    and mail back the sales info. Just think of what that would cost them. :)

  253. Lee Says:

    Got a green card today. Isn’t this considered SPAM? She should be reported. Thanks.

  254. John Says:

    1. Yes, it IS real.
    2. If you bozos listened, in the INTRO you would hear “as always, there is NO PURCHASE OR PAYMENT REQUIRED.”
    3. Grow up. Freaks.

  255. Soa Yang Says:

    I called them and the guy seemed like he wanted to know all about me. He even asked me if I were to win the money, what would I do with it? I told him a bunch of crap then hung up. Afterwards, I looked up this website about Pat haines and found out all about them. I decided to give them another call. This computerized lady picked up and I asked if I was subscribed to any of their bull shit magazines and she said I wasn’t, so I told her that I looked up their company and all that came up was scams and fraud. She said that they were a legal magazine subscription company and that the name Pat Haines was their marketing name. I asked why and she didn’t give me a clear answer. So I finished up the conversation saying that I better not be subscribed to anything and that I hope their company goes to hell…

  256. Jessica Says:

    Thanks for the heads up…I got a orange one in the mail today.

  257. nathan Says:

    got Pink slip a few days ago. check with roling stone, couldn’t find anything googled the sweepstakes, came here. oh and a new number 1-888-333-6247

  258. Lisa Says:

    My husband got a yellow card in the mail today. Should I play with him and tell him he better call? LOL! 😉

  259. Terri Says:

    I got this stupid card and tossed it in the garbage thinking if I knew who “WE” was maybe I would call so my husband suggested googling the phone number and I came up with your website. THANKS for doing the research!

  260. Alexandra M. Clark Says:

    😀 Wow you guys are CHOCK FULL of great ideas in terms of getting these guys back! (I GOT A GREEN ONE! YAYY!!!!) The number they gave me was 1-888-227-1098 you should definitely leave these morons a call. :) I’m going to. I’m thinking of all kinds of different calls to make to them. One as a pregnant Russian woman, one as a little 3 year old girl. The list goes on. I’ll post up the results as soon as I’ve done it. ^_^ Thanks so much for enlightening me and giving me someone to take out my frusterations on!


  261. Kira L. Says:

    I got a pink one in the mail yesterday. I wasn’t planning on calling, but I’m still glad I did a search on “Pat.” I like Mary’s idea of mailing it back.

  262. ali Says:

    Thanks for telling me this shit man. I am a lttle gullible so good thing i did reserch!!!!!

  263. ac Says:

    Thanks for confirming my very same thought!

  264. Flora Purim Says:

    I got a green one too – phone number 888-227-1098. I’ll give them a call from work on a line that goes direct to voicemail on incoming calls so that they won’t be able to call back and harass me, and give them a bogus tracking number so they can’t confirm my phone/address. Since the tracking number is offset-printed on the card (as opposed to the dot-matrix printing of the text), I’m betting that the tracking number is the same for everybody.

  265. charles collie Says:

    cancel all magazinesand piease don?t call andcancel all other transaction.

  266. La'Kesha Says:

    I got mine in the mail April 24th I do believe that I may Win . I’m Hoping thanks for everyting !!!!!

  267. Mickey Says:

    Another green card here- new phone though 1-888-227-1494. Will send it back tomorrow.

  268. Vicki Says:

    Got the pink “Important Delivery” today in Michigan. First thing I did was Google the telephone number, and just as I suspected……Scam….. Thanks to all of you for the alert!

  269. Mike Says:

    i got an orange one… aren’t i special…..

  270. John Says:

    My girfriend and I both got one on the SAME day. They are pretty green color and the # is now 1-888-227-1098. Do they really think people are stupid or just gullable????????

  271. JoAnn Says:

    I got a green one this weekend – I receive a card from the ‘Adrogynous Pat’ about once every 6 months. The phone number is always different…hmmmmm.

  272. Alesia Says:

    I have recieved the post card. and it is green, i did actually try to call but the phone just rang and rang no one answered, hmmm. wonder if they are the ones that like to jack up your phone bill while you are on the phone with them. i have also recieved many, about every other week.

  273. Jason Says:

    I got green one today. I felt strange, so I googled it and found this site. Now I know it’s a scam. Isn’t the Internet cool? Google is cool?

  274. Jami Says:

    LOL!!!! I had just sent 5 non winning lotto ticket to WI lottery, and was waitin for a reply by mial, to see if i won $1,000!!!!! LMAO…… Naturally, when i got the lil yellow post card, i thought i won (completely obliviouse 2 the FL address)I figured it was a scam, after about 30 sec’s, but had a good time giving them a hard time :) I looked them up on google, found you guys, and i am so glad i did’nt fall for it!!!!!!

  275. Angie Says:

    I got one too! What a load of bull!

  276. Shadow Says:

    Thanks, have gotten two of these cards. First one I just trashed right away but when I got this second one I did go online to see what I could find out. Thanks to you, I wont waste me time calling them!!

  277. Ally Says:

    oi i just recieved one of these things… nice little pink letter with “Important Delivery Letter” on it and the good ale official notice…. i suspected scam… since i never heard N.M.E. being affiliated with Rolling Stone (the nice little logo they put on the paper)… oh and a diff number as well 800 693 9247 …. i tried callin it to mess with the people a little bit but got a machine that said “Pat Haines is not at her desk right now. Please call back in the moring after 9 am.” so im guessin theyre in process of switchin the phone number over b/c too many people figured them out…lol…

  278. me Says:

    I WON IWON I ACTUALLY WON…………………………… Just kiding. I’m not gonna be fooled again. Got scam by a international landering scam called North American Sweepstakes last week saying I won $250k with a real looking $4975.00 check in it. It even fooled the bank. Never Again. I’m a definatly a researcher now. Thanks for the heads up.

  279. Debbie Says:

    Got mine the other day…Green card, same number. First of all, the biggest give-a-way is that “Pat’s” title is “Sales Representative”…. People don’t “win” anything for free… I figured it was some type of sales company, and that is why I checked it out. No response necessary or intended, although I AM the winner of 2.1 million!!!

  280. JD Says:

    I received a yellow card as well….Called the number just for fun after reading the info on this site. Spoke with a Patricia who informed that Pat Haines is just a marketing tool designed by their legal department. Informed Patricia that by sending mail via the United States Postal Service indicating that it was from a fictitious individual that they have actually committed mail fraud (don’t care if this is true or not, just fun to tell marketing companies). She kept wanting my ID# on the card but kept telling them that I would not give them any personal information at all. Continually got cut off by her as I was speaking and she kept telling me that I was informing her of something which she did not care about, and that they’re company would never do anything illegal, just continually wanting the confirmation number to put me in a “special file” so they did not contact me anymore.

    If I would of had better things to do today, I would never have called and just filed this in the T (for trash) folder, however, since it’s always fun to mess with these agency’s I figured what the hell……..

  281. Manny Says:

    Pink one showed up in Ohio, with the “Better Homes And Gardens” logo. I got curious since I didn’t get Better Homes And Gardens. The number I got was 888-333-6247. Thanks!

  282. Jeanie Says:

    Got a pink one. Knew it was garbage right off. It is a shame some older people and others who are not wise get scammed. I think I will call her a few times just to spend some of her money she will pay for the 800 call. 800-693-9247

  283. Richard Says:

    Got my green one today. Thank goodness for Google.

  284. Moriah Says:

    Thank you. I had to try a few combos, I found you. I didn’t think it looked like a scholarship card, and I was put on guard by the fact that N.M.E. was not written out. Thank you for saving me the trouble.

  285. Chris Says:

    She’s back. 5/26/06. We received our card in the mail today and she’s still the same person as in previous. This one is Pat Haines, so they continue with their US Postal spam mail. Toss it

  286. Billy Says:

    Machine-Generated and they can’t even give it a little variety to throw you off? Honestly the same postcard for years? This NME (a new ENEMY of mine) must get great results. I wish they’d quadruple their output and lower the price of stamps with the US Postal Service. When you call, they know you’ve got a post card… Must be 6 million of these things. I’d like my odds better paying $1 for the powerball drawing. And worse yet, they go 24/7… I called at 10pm EST and got a live operator. I hung up, but I should have blown in his ear until he hung up, called back, then did it again. Thats how you say hello in portugese.

  287. Jane Says:

    Isn’t Google a wonderful thing? When ever I need to have an answer in a nano second, I can find out most anything there.
    I got my yellow letter today so I’m in the club too. Thanks for sharing everyone-makes you feel all warm and fuzzy to know there are others out there getting phished too. We got to watch our backs out here…sad but true. Janie.

  288. Christopher Sisk Says:

    I too recieved the “yellow” PostGram. Thanks for confirming my “fraud alarm”

  289. jerry Says:

    gotta love google, fun stuff… just received a green “PostGram” to the former owner of my house. she hasn’t lived here for 10 years! also the 888-227-1098 number.

  290. Kat Says:

    I got the pink one today, no way in hell was I going to call. Just did one google search to confirm this.

  291. Ginger Says:

    Mine was green and totally official-looking. So official-looking that I immediately looked up the phone number on the “internets.”

  292. Sandra Says:

    Pat Haines is still on a roll. I am glad to see this site addressing her scam work. I thought I would google this up tp see what this program is supposed to be about.

  293. Karilynn Says:

    Thanks for the heads up…I’m scratching out the barcode now.

  294. I AM SUEING YOU NME Says:


  295. Ricky Uhl Says:

    Just got a pink notice too, have no idea about if its a scam as i just opened it 5 mins ago.

    I called the number, as even if i knew it was a scam, you can never be sure, i simply will not purchase anything from them. They said they recorded the conversation and that i was entered probobly because i owned a credit card. They asked what i would spend the money on, wanted to confirm my phone number and said nothing about selling anything.

    Perhaps we can all get our money eventually through a lawsuit? Class action perhaps?

    PS: He never said I won anything, only that I had a good chance from the lotary. (I will keep posting here after ANY communication for a log that can be used in court.)

  296. I AM SUEING YOU NME Says:

    thank you pat haines for making us think we world get some thing in life. we are sueing you class action law sue for the moneyies you sayed we won.

  297. Laurisa Nolan Says:

    I was suckerd into buying magazines when I recieved this ” Official Notice”. However, when I recieved a magazine it was not the one I wanted and when they called again I asked where my magazines were they said I didn’t order any. And to top it off I had already paid one month subscription. Now they’re asking for more money. I’ve been doing this supposed ”STRIKE IT RICH SWEEPSTAKES” since my oldest son was 2 years old, and I haven’t struck it rich yet! Thank you songoose for letting me know I’m wasting my precious money.

  298. John T. Says:

    In Reply to Mary’s message on August 15,2005, doing the “barcode” thing won’t help at all.I work for the Post office and all they do is throw it away,they don’t send it back to the sender.Believe me,I tried it once myself.I also got a Green card and I think someone should file a complaint on the FCC about their mass marketing wanting you to buy mags scams.IT IS SO ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  299. Don Says:

    Hello, These Fraker’s sent a postcard to my mother, but it had my dad’s name on it, who has been dead for 14 YEARS!! My mom was nearly in tears (she is 78 and in poor health) because she thought that the government was after her for something, because the yellow postcard looks like government issue literature. So, she had me look into it…. Thans to this site I was prepared for BATTLE!!! I called them, and the rep was very nice, until I respectfully informed her of what had happened, she gave me a BS heartless “I’m sorry… can I get your ID number?” I was so close to condemning her, but I held my tongue. I told her that it is pathetic that NME (enemy) (coincidence?) has to resort to such lowly and despicable means as to SCARE elderly people. I asked her about how it feels to be lied to by strangers, and then she got mad and defensive! I told her to get a job that does not involve working with people! Then I was sent to “Terry (woman)”, a supervisor…

    Terry was obviously informed of the situation, but I made sure to pull on her heartstrings anyway with my explanation of what happened; Terry was at least SOUNDING genuinely sympathetic. I demanded that my fathers name, along wih the address be put on the NO-MAIL & NO-CALL list. She needed the ID number for this, which is how they track of course. I gave it to her, with the condition that if ENEMY sends mail to, or calls my mom, I will make certain the FCC (I used to work for a legitimate telecommunications firm -nontelemarketing- so I have the right connections let’s say!) conducts a full investigation and imposes unlawful activity fines on them. Terry said that there would be no problem in being put on the block list.

    I then said “Thank you. AND I will be watching you…”

    My civilness and directness got me what I wanted, along with making them reconsider their jobs. People need to make a living, it is just unfortunate that they have to resort to means such as this to get a paycheck.

    If anyone needs FCC info or any other help, I would be glad to lend my assistance. I can be contacted at:

    P.S. If anyone is interested, I am writing a memoir of my life. I have had a VERY interesting life, so I am writing a book (it’s what everyone tells me to do!).

  300. Tara Says:

    I got A postgram today and it was first class telling me “We are trying to reach you regarding your $2,100,00 sweepstakes entry. Please call us at the number on the reverse of this card. this is a free call. sincerely – Pat Haines
    sales representative
    yes i got my hopes up im a mother of for and me and my husband is haveing a hard time. This is so mean od ppl to do this.

  301. Tara Says:

    I got A postgram today and it was first class telling me “We are trying to reach you regarding your $2,100,000 sweepstakes entry. Please call us at the number on the reverse of this card. this is a free call. sincerely – Pat Haines
    sales representative
    yes i got my hopes up im a mother of for and me and my husband is haveing a hard time. This is so mean od ppl to do this.

  302. chasity Says:

    I recieved a green post card the other day. thanks for confirming what I suspected.

  303. Heather Says:

    Reading all of this really ticks me off. I received a letter from my college today, and guess what was in it? The postcard. They sent it to my school like I lived there. This really has me pissed because somehow they have enough information about me to know where I go to college. This needs to be stopped.

  304. Laura Says:

    Yeah, I got one today too! my sensors went into overload mainly because I don’t play any lotteries! Funny how I can ‘win’ when I don’t play, but just on the curious side I googled.. I found you!!
    Thanks for the info! I need another magazine subscription like I need another hole in the head..geesh!

  305. Elissa OH Says:

    Got a green postcard today just like you described decided to google it first and glad I did. Thanks.

  306. SDgirl Says:

    I received one a couple months ago and set it aside, I really didnt think of it. I saw it right now and decided to research. There are too many scams these days, you can never be too safe. I just thought it was strange that the drawing was in 12/28/2007. That’s a really long time to make people wait if you were planning to give it away.

  307. Gerard Says:

    Thank you Pat Hains, Sales Representative, for hellping keep my postage rates low. Keep sending those “PostGrams” we all love so much. You have contributed to a recycling industry and a transportation industry – you have provided jobs for the rest of us. Oh, don’t take it the wrong way Pat, after all, your mamagnent does not like employees who think for themselves.

    To the general public: Pat Hains, (a.k.a. John Doe)

  308. Ripoff! Says:

    Wow, thanks people, got mine today, not gonna call. My scam sensors went loco as well, pat haines can keep her magazines.

  309. FamilyCircle Says:

    Awesome!! got online just to check. Thanks to eveveryone for the heads up.

    Dear James
    We are trying to reach you rewarding you $2,100,000.00
    sweepstakes ID # 545504334
    Please call us at the above number. This is a free call.
    Sincerly – Pat Haines, Sales Represenative.

    Pink envelope that said Important Delivery Letter on the outside. It had a Pink slip inside with FamilyCircle logo on it with teh above messege.

    Still curious how they got my contact info.

  310. Lora Says:

    Thank you so much for the heads up! This is the second pink slip I have gotten and I just decided to check it out because I thought it was a scam! You are too cool!!!

  311. Grace Says:

    Thanks for the info. This is all perfectly legal? Boy, some people are just so dumb!

  312. virginia vickrey Says:

    Thanks for the info,
    I also recieved a call.I told them I did’nt want any magazines,and hung up. She(a sales rep.called back.).Itold her I did’nt want any mags. So they send me a bill for $268.32 . I’ve tried to call them back,all I get is a answering machine
    and music. They’re the ones getting screwed,cause I’m not sending them any moneyor answering them back.

    Vickrey Vickrey

  313. Michael Says:

    thanks for the heads up abotu the magazine. there are times that the internet is simply wonderful. if more people kept track of these scams maybe they would eventually stop. I messed with “Pat Haines” a while by insisting on magazines she didn’t have. obviously she wasn’t ready for anyone who wanted to read about anything important. she seems to be totally unprepared for anyone who wants real Science magazines. popular science was as close and she could get. thanks again

  314. Kelley Says:

    I got the green postcard sometime back in December or so. Stupidly, I called it without doing any research online first, and as I am quite easily influenced by people over the phone… I gave them my debit card information and have been receiving so many magazines that I can’t keep up with them all. 😛

    After I placed my initial order, I looked them up and found that a bunch of people had been screwed over by them, so I called a day or two later to cancel any further payments. The guy tried to con me into more payments at a lower dollar amount each, but I told him I just didn’t want to pay anymore so he lessened the length of my subscriptions and I thought that was that.

    HOWEVER, a couple days ago I get a call from some other NME dude, thanking me for my membership and all that crap, and asking if I’d like to extend my subscriptions for two more years. He was just like, “blah blah blah, and we’ll charge so-and-such amount to your credit card. Okay?” and I said no. That seemed too much like coercion to me. So, again, he wanted to extend the time I paid but pay lower amounts for each payment, and I said no, that I didn’t want to spend anymore money and that I was drowning in magazines already (which he didn’t seem too amused by). Again, I thought everything was all gravy.

    Lo and behold, last night I was looking at my checking account info online, and there was only $0.98 in it for the available balance. That didn’t correspond with my checkbook, so I called my credit union today only to discover that there was a debit card transaction on June 28 from NME that was still pending.

    Now, I’m not sure if it’s “pending” but I’m not going to be charged because I did not authorize the payment, or what, but I’m rather pissed off and plan to contact customer service later on to see if I can cancel that payment.

    My past interactions with them haven’t been TOO bad, and I was receiving all of the magazines I was supposed to, and they’re all things I enjoy reading… but this just kind of scares me, and I’m not sure what my options are as far as protecting my information. I don’t want to keep incurring charges for this stuff and getting buried in magazines for years to come.

    Any advice? I’ve definitely learned my lesson and will do research on suspicious-looking stuff from now on… 😛

  315. PostGramStinks Says:

    I just recieved a green post gram today. It read
    “We are trying to reach you regarding your $2,100,000 sweepstakes enrty. Please call us at the number on the reverse of this card. This is a free call. Sincerely- Pat Haines Sales Representative.” The number was 1-888-227-1098. I googled the address online from the return address on the postcard and it was not the address of NME it was something totally different.
    Glad I found this site!

  316. John McNeal Says:

    Received my “pink” message today regarding my $2,100,000 sweepstakes number. Red flags went up and I said, “scam, scam”. Glad so many of you confirmed my suspicion. Then I searched Google. Thanks for all the input and this site.

  317. Shanya Says:

    Hey got my pretty green postcard today, I figured it was a scam so i google it, im going to scratch out the bar code and return it to her/him i think im going to give this pat person a lil call and have a lil fun, thanks for the head up

  318. Greg Says:

    Yup. i too got that pink slip in the mail. we were excited to think we could be millionaires. BASTARDS! we called the # and they tried to get us to buy tons of magazines. i’ll admit, it was a good deal for all those magazines but we dont need to be wasting our time with scams. i tried to tell the guy i wasn’t interested and he was SHOCKED that i was turning down a diamond watch and all those magazines “risk free.” Then they kept transfering to different people with the same speech about the offer. Dont even bother calling this number. you wont be a millionaire.

  319. Fl!p Says:

    I think it’s strange that all the phone numbers on the slips so far have been different. The pink $2.1 million “Strike It Rich V” sweepstakes one I got today has the number (888)227-0999. Is that because they have offices all around the country? Or does the specific number and maybe even the color of the slip having anything to do with it? And what’s up with the Rolling Stones logo to the right side have to do with the contest? Are they sponsoring it? This was the first spot I hit on my search for answers and I’ve found a few. I’m off to find some more.

  320. Terrie- Says:

    I recieved mine (pink) today. Better Homes and Gardens phone 1-888-333-6247 And they “owe” me $2,1000,000.00 Strike it Rich V. I always google phone numbers.

  321. Sarah Says:

    I got my green card a few days ago and when I called after hours, there was an answering machine. Pat Haines said I was very important to her! The card said there was no purchase necessary to win $2,100,000 and that there would be 30 annual installments of $70,000.

    Then I decided to google her, curious as to whether the M in NME stood for magazine. Yep!

    Coincidentally, I had some people call me today who wanted to “give me a free vacation” and they claimed I had been referred by friends named Ray and Maryanne who I don’t know. They gave out the number I had from 8 years ago. I told the first guy I had no idea who those people are and that I don’t go on vacation. A woman called later and I told her, “I don’t know who those people are. Please don’t call here again.” Then I hung up.

    I’m on the do not call registry. If they call me again, I’m reporting them. I hope they enjoy their fine.

  322. Sarah Says:

    I got my green card a few days ago and when I called after hours, there was an answering machine. Pat Haines said I was very important to her! The card said there was no purchase necessary to win $2,100,000 and that there would be 30 annual installments of $70,000.

    Then I decided to google her, curious as to whether the M in NME stood for magazine. Yep!

    Coincidentally, I had some people call me today who wanted to “give me a free vacation” and they claimed I had been referred by friends named Ray and Maryanne who I don’t know. They gave out the number I had from 8 years ago. I told the first guy I had no idea who those people are and that I don’t go on vacation. A woman called later and I told her, “I don’t know who those people are. Please don’t call here again.” Then I hung up.

    I’m on the do not call registry. If they call me again, I’m reporting them. I hope they enjoy their fine.

  323. Heather Says:

    I got a green card today, thank you for posting — you saved me valuble time!

  324. Jenn Says:

    Hey, maybe we should all call Pat Haines and tell her/him that he/she is the lucky winner in the we would like to kick your ??? sweepstakes. There is enough pople doing wrong things in this country – don’t add more.

    I have received over $3000.00 in fake US Postal Money orders over the last month, all from Canada, maybe the United States needs to leave Mexico alone and close the borders to Canada.

  325. Patrick Says:

    Yeah i got mine today. He/they used Rolling Stone this time … so I’ll be sending it over to my friend who’s an editor at Rolling Stone. Hoping RS will get pissed and go after him.

  326. John Linville Says:

    I got one of those (except mine was green) After searching Google, I found this website. I agree it looked fishy. Especially since I had not entered any sweepstakes lately.
    I hope Pat Haines goes broke sending these out.


  327. Pimpin'Mama Says:

    Let’s see… I’ve recieved probably about a dozen of these postcards over the years. At first I was stupid and believed that I could be entered in the sweepstakes without buying anything, but I finally gave in a bought some magazine subscriptions. Didn’t win, go figure! After that, when I’d recieve these postcards I’d call (from a payphone), go through the whole process of ordering multiple magazines, and when they’d ask me for the payment option I’d hang up on them. It might be immature to do, but if they’re going to keep sending these unwanted mailings to me, then why not have a little fun with them at their expense?

  328. Joe Schmo Says:

    dumass it’s not a scam. you get great deals on magazines and it’s not required to buy the magazines to be in the sweepstakes. and ofcourse none of you low lives have won since the odds are like one in a million, have any of you won the lotto?? didn’t think so

  329. KK More Says:

    I just received one today July 13, 2006. Of course, I googled it and found it was a scam. Thank You

  330. robyn Says:

    Just got my first green card yesterday! Does this mean I can stay? hahahaha, anyway, these people make me feel really dirty about having been born in Florida. UGH! Congrats to all you smart people out there that saw this one coming. But for all you thick skulled air heads,,,,

    First of all Joe Schmo, it IS a scam due to the fact that all they wish to do is trick you into calling so they can recycle your phone number and personal info, that you just helped them verify, and sell it to the highest bidder in the telemarketing world.
    And much to all our dismay, Secondly, YOU and others like you that are easily swindled, are the very reason people like THEM are still in business. How else do you think they would have been able to keep their little “you’re a winner” cards in cirrculation for so dang long? It’s because there just so happens to be millons of people that like to leap first and think about the landing later.

    If people calling you and bugging the crap out of you all day long is your idea of a good time then by all means, call these people and hand them your lives. However, keep in mind as you do, if you think them calling your house isn’t so bad, how about your cell phone? Yeah, your cell phone. Remember that these telemarketers are fighting to have cell phone numbers listed in the phone book. And they won’t stop fighting until they can find some screwed up, yet legitimate, reason to make it so. The sole motivation for that is so these numbers are free game to any solicitor that wants to find you. They could be calling you all day and using up your minutes to try to sell you something. I’m sorry but that is enough to make me want to eat a bullet. Hence the reason I live by the moto that prepayed phones save lives. No credit card contract, no name tracing, equals less hassle.

    The best thing you can do with all your little cards,,,, BURN THEM. Don’t call, don’t try to be witty and mail them back. All you are doing is giving them amunition.
    And you want to know where they get their info??? Right here,,, the internet. Know how i know this??? I got mine addressed to me in my married name. Funny thing, I JUST GOT MARRIED. I haven’t even changed my last name on my ssn card, car registration or my drivers license yet. Even my marriage license has my maiden name used as the signature. The only place I have used my married name is online. The only places I have used it online are at FREE SITES THAT REQUIRE YOU TO LOG IN WITH A PASSWORD. Hello, that’s why they are FREE. THEY PASS ON YOUR INFO TO ADVERTISERS!!!!

    And as for some of those sites that will place this lovely little clause on their info grabber pages that says something along the lines of “we do not sell your personal information,” Thing is, if they have a contract with an advertising company they don’t need to sell the info. It can be quietly passed along as a “favor.” Their own little legal “quid pro quo”
    ADVERTISERS DON’T GET PAID FOR THEIR ADVERTISING,,, THEY PAY THE COMPANIES FOR SPACE!!! So doesn’t it make sence that advertisers could get a free spot in exchange for a couple of new potential customers? Technically, is it really selling if there is no monotary value being passed along?

    With all the technology out there, you need to become more aware. Stop helping scammers manipulate you into handing over your personal info. If you want to beat the system, know the system. Otherwise you are just an angry lemming following other angry lemmings right over the cliff into a world of less privacy, less peace and no rights what-so-ever. Advertisers will never dissapear. There is no anti-telemarketing bio bomb to wipe them off the face of the earth. All you can do is try to make it a little harder for them to bug you.

  331. Janice Says:

    This is the second post card that I have received in the mail. The first one was yellow and now this second one is green. I have not called these people due to the fact that it sounded fishy from the start. I originally googled NME and the address associated with the post card and the first website that is listed is this site. Thank you for all who have posted on this site. It has kept me out of trouble because I am one for buying stuff.

  332. Louis Says:

    My Girlfriend got a pink letter, I called and made up all of my information, code and everything, it was okay because she manually entered my name into the computer and generated me a new code. Deffinatly a scam if you dont even need to have a damn code or anything with them to win lol.

  333. Candy Says:

    Seems the new ones are green and the new number to call is 1-888-790-4443, same address. Guess the other number got to be too well known. Do they think that color changes will make people stupid?

  334. Alex Says:

    I got the same pink letter today, thanks God Im not eligible to join because Im not a legal resident of the US…hehehe….

  335. D. in TOMBALL, Tx Says:

    Got one today…thank goodness for GOOGLE…Pat Haines must be a slut…she sure gets around !

  336. Andreea Says:

    Thanks for posting these info on the web. It happened ones with Silkies a.k.a. HCI. Inc , when I got scamed . It won’t happened again! Thanks to people like you!

  337. Andreea Says:

    O…by the way people…now , this “pat” is sending a GREEN card….I guess she run out of pink. hahaha

  338. elle Says:

    LOL GREEN CARDS REPRESENNNNT! wow omfg i didnt know that so many people had recieved this!!!!! pat smells.

  339. Smitty Says:

    Received a pink Official Notice with Better Homes and Gardens on it My amount was $2,100,000.00. On the reverse was”Strike It Rich V” Sweepstakes Official Rules. Thought they could have been legit because of the comment at the bottom. “The Better Homes and Gardens logo is a registered trademark of Meredith Corporation…?” Think I should inform Better Homes and Gardens? Thanks!

  340. Kemal Says:

    Hey, my fiancee just got the one Smitty is talking about. Time to mess with this retard.

  341. Pat Haines Says:

    This is Pat Haines and you people are a bunch of fucking retards. As a sales representative, all I am trying to do is provide you with great deals on magazines, computers and much more, while at the same time offering you a chance to win millions of dollars in cash and prizes through our Strike It Rich Sweepstakes! And you ungrateful pieces of shit have the audacity to create a website devoted to dragging my good name and reputation through the toilet?! Well FUCK YOU!

  342. Jennifer Says:

    My boyfriend recieved one in the mail today. He isn’t here yet to read it but I did alittle research myself. A while back we had some foreign guy kept calling his cell phone and how that guy got it we have no clue. I ended up cussing at the guy and yelling at him,needless to say he hasn’t called back. I called this number 1-888-227-0661 and gave the ID# and then told the lady to put him on their no call and no mailing list. I then said he has told you guys before not to send or call him anything. I am so glad I did my research. How do they get our information? How did those other jerks get his cell phone number?? This world has gone mad….

  343. Pat Haines Says:

    Hey Jennifer, you shouldn’t be fucking around with your boyfriend’s mail, tampering with mail that isn’t addressed to you is illegal. Also, it isn’t very kind of you to berate foreigners who mistakenly dial the wrong number. You sound like a first class jackass. Love, Pat Haines.

  344. lanie Says:

    i got my pink postcard today and i really call them but i was already online reading all the comments from all the people who recieved the same postcard i want to advice to everybody that this is a scam.don’t let anyone get your personal information on the phone or in the internet be careful people .you pat haines remember doing bad things you will never have a peaceful life .

  345. delores Says:

    I just got a letter today i’m not going to call them because i saw this website but . i think if this was real they would send the money they need to figure another way to do this besides trying to do a scam.

  346. Fernando Says:

    I think the best thing to do, is to sign up for as many mailing lists as possible, using 16120 U.S. 19 North Clearwater, FL 33764 as your address of course!

  347. Charles Says:

    My card is green, I have an I.D. number! I’m scared now! Get a job, Pat. I kinda like Fernandos’ idea. And, oh by the way, on July 22nd, she wants to FUCK ALL OF US UNGRATEFUL PEICES OF SHIT, for running her “good name” THROUGH THE TOILET? Can you do that? Wow, I almost cried, I laughed so hard.

  348. Charles Says:

    HOORAY FOR GOOGLE!!!!!!!!!

  349. Saul Hernandez Says:

    I got one on July 27, 2006. I think mother in law entered my information on some form of sweepstakes database.

  350. Charlotte Says:

    I got a green card today and googled the information. I found some interesting info on the following website:

    Just thought I would pass on the info.

    Oh, and I’m definitely NOT calling Pat!

  351. corsel duffus Says:

    hi pat this is corsel contact me by my email

  352. Pat Haines Says:

    Corsel you duffus, fuck you – You contact me, bitch!

  353. fI### k####### Says:

    dam pat haines sux di## he can go fu** himself. i got the letter too, and its true , its so fu#### fake.
    pat sux

  354. jon kerry Says:

    holy crap i won!!!!!
    i won 2,100,000 thx to pat
    i got my letter today
    im so exited, i dont know what im going to do whith all that money,
    fuck yea,
    im so exited, im going to put at least 1,000,000 in my bank for my kids , i have 6
    and im goign to be able to pay for their colloge, there goign to be so happy because we are living an a basement of someone, and i can quit my job, i have 3 and my wife has 2.
    thank yuo god
    thanks pat you rock!!

  355. Patsux Says:

    They even have the Better Homes and Gardens logo on it! HA!

  356. Hugh Farrell Says:

    Got the important Delivery Letter. But, I am a mental health Patient living at a board and care. She probably needs a little therapy herself. Jeez wouldn’t it be a kick if she could narrow her audience down to a single person.

  357. Today's Winner Says:

    Of course my ripdar went off when I opened the fab. pink envelope – more like a government form or something. One posting talked about a lady’s brother ripping these things up and return to sender. Nice.

    Here’s what I suggest: contains the official rules.
    Doing a lookup on this domain renders the following details – do with it as you please. It seems to be driven by SDP a direct marketing solution expert, as their site indicates ( Hey, maybe someone wants to go work for them?!

    Special Data Processing Corporation
    I.T. Department
    16120 US Hwy 19 North
    Clearwater, FL 33764

    Domain Name: NMESWEEPS.COM

    Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
    Webmaster, SDP
    Special Data Processing, Corp
    I.T. Department
    16120 US Hwy 19 N
    Clearwater, FL 33764
    (727) 524-3600 fax: (727) 530-3724

    Record expires on 03-Oct-2007.
    Record created on 03-Oct-2003.
    Database last updated on 10-Aug-2006 01:52:26 EDT.

    Domain servers in listed order:


  358. Breanna Says:

    I also got a letter from Pat..mine was pink though. Thanks for confirming what i already thought.

  359. Michael Says:

    Hey, I got my little green card today, too… the only difference is mine states ‘There is no purchase required to enter or win and a purchase will not improve your chances of winning. Prize will be awarded as 30 anual installments of $70,000.00″. I wonder if anyone has ever won a sweepstakes from these people.

    Thanks google, everyone here on songoose, and especially Pat Haines. Pat, you’re a real class act.

  360. Zoe Says:

    Just got a pink one. Knew it was to good to be true.
    Does anyone know how pat got your name and address?

  361. Fred Says:

    I have recived many of these throught the year, and i dont even read magazines. They play pass the names with our information “Sad but true” I have found that this is not a scam, Just poor biz tactics. There is really no point in being angry just ignore it “file 13”. Pat H is not the only 1 out there doing this type of thing. For those who dont know everytime u enter a website you are at risk of the Great Information Swap. Thats just the way it is. Your not human to them your just a number with a pile of money. I dont know about you but, I Should have won millions by now if all these things were even half true lol.

  362. Stephanie Says:

    I Just got mine today & and at first i didnt know what family circle was so i googled it & then google familycircle and strike it rich V and found this thats for the heads up

  363. Texas Johnnie Says:

    I got my green card today and wrote return to sender on it so it would cost them a few cents to mess with me!

  364. okie terry Says:

    Thank you for the great exchange here. I just got my pink slip today and googled the phone number leading me here to Songoose. This one is for Good Housekeeping. I plan on returning this to sender also.

  365. lindsay Says:

    Glad to see so many people using the internet for good for a change. Got my yellow card today and was like, Pat who, from where? All it says is Sales Rep., red flag there. Thanks to everyone on here who is doing their research so it made my research that much easier. The phone number on mine didn’t come up with any hits but, the name Pat Haines turned up thousands. People are definitely getting hip to her scam, good for us.

  366. C Says:

    I was relieved to find that this very official looking letter was only from gool ole Pat who has sent me a few notices in the past. Mine was pink and looked like some kind of collection notice or something but it was just Pat letting me know that he/she was still trying to get in touch with me regarding the $2,100.00 I had won in the sweepstakes. After reading this blog post and finding out the mail is from a magazine subscription company, I remembered that I had ordered a magazine about 4 months that I never received. Perhaps Pat Haines had a hand in that scam as well.

  367. panda Says:

    I got a yellow postcard in the mail today, I have gotten them before but just thrown them away. thought I could find some info on the web, and I did. bunch of bull crab. they should not be able to say that it is official business. Also the one that I got does not have an address to return it just clearwater FL on it. looks like they are getting smarter.

  368. justin Says:

    Nothing about this postcard looks remotely official (as indicated by the highlighted “Official Business” print on the top left. Any time you see the AUTO 3 DIGIT or 5 DIGIT line above your address means the postcard was sent as bulk mail and is definately not a 1 to 1 communication. Good stuff though, google search for Pat Haines turns this page up #1.

  369. James Says:

    Yeep, got a pink letter today.. thanks for the info !

  370. steve Says:

    Got my “SECOND NOTICE”, pink form (“Important Delivery Letter” logo meant to look like FedEx) with a new number: 888-790-4463. Also has the “Better Homes and Gardens” logo inside. Wonder if they know about this crap–I hope they don’t. It would be depressing to think that a company with magazines that I actually read is trying to foist something off on the hoi polloi. The return address was hand written. Is somebody actually stupid enough to spend all that time addressing junk mail, or is that what “Work From Home” scams are all about? In any event, I laughed all the way to the wastepaper basket.

  371. jeremiah Says:

    Hey got mine today and called it (like an idot) to find out more. well i found you guys half way through and hung up 1/2 way through.
    told my dad what i found then he called the number and yelled at the person for a good 10 mineutes demanding they take my name off the list
    thanks for the info

  372. sonny Says:

    I like this,a site that has checked this out all ready,and it is just what i though it would be,good work songoose.

  373. jayv Says:

    I got this pink mail with id today. It looks like my info is given to him by BMG MUSIC

  374. J. Hilgert Says:

    Yep, I’ve got a green “Official Business” Postcard today, suspected also Scam right away and throwed it in the trash. Thanks for confirming the Spam.

  375. Bea Denham` Says:

    I got one today but, fortunately, I was suspicious as I have not even read Homes and Gardens for a long time. My daughter got on the Inet and lo and behold, I saw all your letters and am I glad I didn’t fall for that … uh…. crap!!

  376. Lowell Says:

    I got a pink one today with familycircle’s logo. Pat has expanded to Alaska. thanks for the heads up info.

  377. Daniel Says:

    Hey guys,

    Currently I have started to work for SDP, Pat Haines, NME whatever you want to call them.
    I’ll let you guys in on some of how it is there. The company despite what you believe is actually very well run and very professional unlike Suntasia Marketing which I tried for 2 days. I realize some of you asking if these magazines know NME is including their names in their post cards sent to you guys? Yes these companies know because they contact the NME to help promote their magazines. They want your business and form partnerships with NME to get the word out. The company has a real sweepstakes and about every 3 months gives away a car to one lucky employee. YOu can choose 3 magazines though we are trained to get you to pick 2 and then say to give you a better value we add a magazine, from my interpretation of publisher really trying to push out a magazine.

    Anytime you sign up for anything online, in a store, or someone else does with your address or phone number then your information is likely to be sold and sold and sold. These companies compile list to sell to other companies not just telemarketers. Statistic information is also gained by the list they sell. I’ll admit its not the ultimate dream job but I was very impressed by how the company is ran and how the supervisors and everyone emphasizes to make sure the customer understands.

    If anything it will be my fellow employees looking to make extra commission that may mislead you. Our program is designed for people to take 3 magazines for the rate of $1.29 a week for 4 years. You can go as low as one year but obviously they want the longest time. I understand it will be hard to believe me but I believe in every business there are skeptics of everything.

    Understand it doesn’t matter if it the telephone company, a funeral home, or a fast food joint they want your money and all have a strategy to get it.

    I created if you have any specific questions or such. Understand I can’t answer every e-mail if I get too many but I will try.

    Please don’t knock me for my career choice cause if any of you have worked for any company making money then you are just as guilty. No reason to feel higher up in the world because you are behind the scenes of a company. I clearly explain to people the idea of the program and they go through 2 people who clearly define the program. Anyone who has been burnt by the program just call the customer service number.

  378. Daniel Says:

    Also let me just add if you call our company and request we put you on our do not call and do not mail list. You will then stop receiving our mailing cards and our company will not sell your information. Then just hang up if you want because if you listen to us we have about 4 rebuttals for everything that we have to say.

    If you want to see how many people how here post about scams? Search for Cingular scams or Wal-Mart scams, people are always feeling like they are getting cheated. In a sense we all do when we buy something because there is always the unexpected. Hopefully if you guys do have any problems just email me at and I can try to help you out. As I will not be able to help you out internally as I am in the sales department and do not have access to customer service but when you call you are sent to the sales department in which we can place you on the no call list. So at least call and say that and then hang up and hopefully whoever you talk to isn’t being an ass and will do his/her job.

  379. Willie Lee Says:

    yah if the postcard says STAR it stands for Scams Throughout American Rejects THATS WHY THEIR COMPANY IS IN THE UK not FLORIDA!!!!

  380. Yvonne Says:

    Received pink Second Notice today from NME /Pat Haines, Clearwater, FL – Good Housekeeping sales rep. Says my husband may have won $2,100,000 sweepstakes. I was supsicious from the beginning because he wouldn’t have entered one. Also, the return address on the outside was hand written not printed. The sweepstakes entry rules were on the back – didn’t sound like a done deal either. I was wondering if it was a scam or sales pitch until I read this. 9/7/06

  381. Nicholas Says:

    I’ve received a delinquent notice saying that I needed to pay $22 and if I didn’t start paying that I would be reported to a 3rd party collection agency, I’ve tried calling them to stop this as I haven’t received any of the magazines but I am unable to locate anyone to stop them from billing me. And then I receive this notice. It’s funny how I can receive notices but I can’t contact them about canceling.

  382. Nicholas Says:

    I signed up for these magazines, I have received a few but not all, and they are now sending me a delinquent letter stating that I will be reported to a 3rd party agency if I don’t pay up. Before I wasn’t able to contact anyone, to let them know about canceling my subscription and now they send me this notice, so hopefully now I will be able to speak to someone to cancel my subscription since they included a toll-free ph# 1-866-308-2047…..If ya’ll have subscribed and were not able to do anything because you didn’t have a ph# here it is….and it states also to pay at their secure website, but there is no such webb address…I found this instead.

  383. ROBB Says:


  384. J4s0n Says:

    thanks for heads up. got mine today,”…YOUR $2,100,000,00 SWEEPSTAKES….”

    # 1-888-333-6247


  385. oldeagleeye Says:

    Got a pink notice in the mail today except this was address to my son. My son is 19 years old, attends college full time. The pink slip address to him was a promotion pertaining to “Good Housekeeping”. Now, what guy buys “Good Housekeeping?” I knew immediately this was a possible scam so I call Pat, only to find, she is a he first of all and I threaten him in addressing his scam to the BBB (Better Business Bureau) which in fact, I also contacted them. They gave me the same spiel that you would here from a “Advertising Agency.” The BBB also informed me that this company has had a history of complaints regarding billling refunds and payment of magazines. If I were any of you, “DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER, DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY AND DO NOT BELIEVE WHAT PAT TELLS YOU.” “THIS COMPANY IS A FRAUD WHEN IT COMES TO PAYING OR REFUNDING YOUR MONEY FOR THESE MAGAZINES!!!!!!!! Oh, and one other thing, your chances of winning are 1 and 52,000,000.

  386. Says:

    i got the pink envelope”important delivery official notice for the sweepstakes thought it to be weird because ive never enterd one i dont read good housekeeping also good housekeeping website made no mention of such a sweepstake i did same typed in pat haines and came here thanks … mark

  387. Doug Says:

    I get like 1 a year. You know pat’s gotta be a fat redneck from some backwoods shack, smokin lucky’s and has an extensive tv guide collection, who responded to a job paying her 20 cents per letter she sends. I bet she never thought she’d be this famous!! Hell she could probably do one of those new geico commercials at this point. And i dont mean to insult anyone, but how could any of you actually given that letter the tiniest notion of it being real??? I bet you people have fallen for that nigerian email scam too. Cause 300 million dollars for doing nothing but coughing up your bank acount number is totaly feasable

  388. Debbie Says:

    Thanks for the ramblings on “Pat Haines.” I received a version without her name attached. It was from “Good Housekeeping” with “Pat’s” return address on it (N.M.E. 16120 U.S. 19 North, Clearwater, FL 33764. It said to call a free 888 number regarding my $2,100,000.00 sweepstakes ID# by Sept. 28, or my ID# would expire.

  389. daddy Says:

    I got the same letter today, I just want ot say thanks all of you. I checked the website and phone number and address with postcard and then I decided to search the name of the representative and I found this web site. from now anytime you guys received suspecious mail just search the key words and make sure what you want to do.

  390. Roland Says:

    I just got one. I googled the phone Number. Your site was the only one that came up. Thank you. You provide a worthy service.

  391. Jack Says:

    I got a pink notice in the post today and my scam flags went flying at full tilt when I saw that crappy pink envelope. So I googled it and lo! This site came up. I’m really glad to have verification on what I already thought. And it’s really refreshing to see there are so many others out there who are doing the same thing and not falling for it, either. I think I’ll call back and screw with this Pat Haines person, whoever they are. I’m going back to Canada in less than a month, so why not order a whole bunch of stuff like magazine subscriptions or porn catalogues or something and have them all sent to that address? Maybe call the number endlessly. I mean, it’s a free call, and if you do it from a pay phone, they can’t track it back to your house, eh?

  392. Heidi Says:

    I got my pink slip today. I knew something was wrong. I never win anything! I shredded it! I didn’t realize all the scams though. Thanx for the info!

  393. Rachel Says:

    Now – they are sending out IMPORTANT DELIVERY – which looks like a FED EX telegram – from Better Homes and Gardens – saying I won $2,100,000.00 – so rude.

  394. Gene Says:

    Thanks for saving me much pain ina and trouble guys!

    Just got one today too, and I now know to whom I should forward my junk mail!

  395. Erika Says:

    Got one today! Thanks for the heads up

  396. Jamie Says:

    I always get these stupid things. I decided to research it and thanx.

  397. felicia davis Says:

    Well I took the chance and called!
    I am a very proud winner of $70,000.00 annually!!!!!
    You snooze You lose!!!

  398. James Says:

    I immediately hopped on the net to research this scam in disquise!!

  399. Jo Says:

    I WON! I WON! I’m the big WEINER!

    Gee thanks Pat – I’ll make sure and burn my official notice in celebration. 😉

    Thanks for the info everyone.

  400. Rico Says:

    My girlfriend just got one of these in the mail. I instantly thought “SCAM!” and according to my google search, which brought me here, it is a scam.

    The one she got is pink, has the TV Guide logo (“appears with publisher’s permission for promotional purposes”,) and has a large black box over the information so you can’t see through the envelope. Looks like they may be reading this page and changing things up. I’m also guessing that the comments on here that say they won the prize are planted by Pat/NME.

  401. Bo Says:

    Haha, I got the same thing today in the mail. 2.1 million would have been nice though :).

  402. jim Says:

    Came today, thanks for destroying my fantasy.

  403. Pete Says:

    WTF!! How the HELL did she get my address!! Thx 4 the heads up.

  404. Mike Says:

    Good luck world !!!

  405. Nick Post Says:

    Lol, just got my pink slip. At first I saw 2.1 million and was like, that wud be nice. But just to confirm my suspisions i looked it up.

    Thanks for the warning

  406. Earl Says:

    Even in Hawaii we get this kind of crap. Mahalo nui loa (many thanks)for the info, makes us akamai(smarter). Send Pat Haines to Iraq.

  407. Daniel Says:

    Haha! I got a pink one and I was about to call, but with my researching nature, I found this :) Thanks

  408. Daniel Says:

    I wanted that $2.1million
    Also 1 : 26,000,000 ain’t all that bad right ? haH…

  409. Doug Says:

    I just got the pink one today, and as been said above many times, this site was the first hit on Google.
    My daughter got scammed like this before. My local PD and County Sheriff will get a copy of this. The handwriting should find someone.

  410. Ali Says:

    Yeah, got my pink slip today!
    I wish the money was real… i really wanted it to be… got scam alerts ringing like CRAZY but you know, there is always that tiny, tiny bit of hope.
    Oh well
    Screw Pat

  411. Anon Says:

    I actually work of NME. AKA SDP.

    Yes it is true, if you call in you will be offered a watch and magazines. There is no Pat Haines, its a marketing name the company uses so you feel like its more personal. However, do not get mad at the person on the phone, we’re required to rebuttal you 4 times before giving up. I know it sucks, but its a job. The best advice I can give to anyone still interested in entering in the sweepstakes (which to my surprise when I started there..I thought the sweepstakes was a big ploy to get people to call…it actually does exist. Its held on December 28th of every year)…if you want to enter the sweepstakes but dont want to be bombarded to buy magazines when the operator says “This is just our way of saying thank you for being a prefered credit card holder, you do still carry a visa,mastercard,discover, or american express correct? SAY NO. They’ll say okay do you have a debit card with a visa or mastercard logo on it SAY NO AGAIN. We dont offer the magazines to people who dont hold credit cards. You’ll be offered some other thing from a marketing partner but they’ll say are you interested in recieving info about this and just say no if you arent…its usually something like a free information kit from some health place or info on a blue hippo computer..and saying No is no big deal, we dont rebuttal it.

    This way you are still entered into the sweepstakes. Even if you dont get the magazines you are still entered into the sweepstakes. Its true theres no purchase or payment..but they’re going to try to get you to purchase something. Lol.

    Thats my advice to you all.
    Best I can do.

  412. Anon Says:

    Lol. Some of these things do crack me up though…dont get me wrong I’m not defending the company no way in hell I’d buy the magazines..but some of these things people are saying are just hilarious.

    First of all…
    We arent located in the UK…we are actually in clearwater Florida. You can search the address its in the same shopping center as a Publix,Cici’s Pizza,and AMsouth Bank…trust me I go to those places everyday.

    Star does not stand for anything…its actually the publishers of the magazines that pay NME to sell the magazines. So they give permission to put there name on there and in return when we read the magazines you can choose from we say their mag first.

    THERE IS NO PAT HAINES. People keep saying “I talked to pat blah blah” But that not possible since it is just a fake name. Honestly people, We have a rebuttal for it. Ask the person who Pat Haines is and I can guarentee they’re going to say “Pat Haines is just a marketing name our company name is ____ and I can help you”

    The Sweepstakes is REAL..your chances are very slim but there actually is a winner.

    And Actually YES we do get a lot of calls. I take about 12 calls an hour. And if you’ve ever called you know how long each call takes so you know thats a lot.

  413. Sam Says:

    Do they really send you the watch, and can you really cancel? I got all excited too, luckily my phone disconnected. Nextel a love hate relationship haha.

  414. Jennifer Says:

    I received one of these about a month ago, but threw it away. But I received a second one today, and thought I’d look into seeing if it was real. I searched google for “housekeeping pat haines”. And this site was at the top of the list. Thanks so much!

  415. Christopher Mickens Says:

    Hey, thanks for letting me know I was right in thinking that it was a bunck of BS. Althoug, I really would love to have an extra 2 million sitting around. Thank you for the website and Google is the S*&#. PEACE BE WITH YOU.

  416. Rita Says:

    Got a Better Homes and Gardens 2 million dollar scam pink official notice too! Thanks I googled with Pat Haines too

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  419. Gabriel Reyla Says:

    Yes! now I’m part of this community too!
    I received the pink mail today… but it says “official notice”…

    I wonder what website we subscribed to…

  420. Donna Says:

    OH wow! I thought for the heck of it , I’d do a search. So glad I did. I figured it was a scam cuz I didnt enter any sweepstakes. See now dearest Pat offered me $2,100,000.00. I guess its inflation now.

    Thanks for the heads up.

  421. Alex Says:

    oh yeah! I sure got the letter, i thought for a second it was a red light traffic ticket. I opened it to find that i’m eligible to win 2.1 million smackers. So I called the toll free number and the lady on the line asked for the id# that was on the letter. I gave it to her and she pulled up my telephone number and address. Spooky! but yah I registered for the sweepstakes after having her say, “If you are to be our lucky winner, we’ll pay for your transportation to clearwater, fl. where we’ll have a special ceremony to present a 2.1 million dollar check!” then she transfered me to a “business partner” who turned out to be a guy who was running his mouth about all these great prizes and magazine offers for a low rate of $1.29 a week. I made it clear to him that I will not share my credit card information to him or anyone else. He’s a good salesman so watch out he seems to have rebuttal for everything you’d say. Don’t fall for this crap guys!
    Pshht…..diamond watch my assss!

  422. Aaron Says:

    I have recieved two of these. I thought it was a scam AS soon as I read the amount and “Better Homes and Gardens” I never entered a contest…

    So, I got one today…looked this thing up and what do you know…I was right.

    Shitty thing is I just moved into this new place a short while ago…let me guess who sold my information to a million spammers so they could call me and send me crap: Comcast.

    Anybody else have Comcast sell their information as well? Because I have only been here a month…and what do you know. I got this crap. Nobody else has my address, and I had comcast in my name for 2 months before I got here. F comcast it’s such crap. We should sue.

  423. Start A Lawsuit Says:


    I am interested in starting a campaign for a HUGE lawsuit against this company and this is why.

    Today I recieved an “official looking” document in the mail. It was pink in color and it stated on the envelope, “Second Notice” and “Important”. At first I thought I had done something wrong (like I had forgotten to pay a bill), but once I opened the letter and read the contents I realized that I was a winner of “$2,100,000.00”.

  424. v Says:

    I received a pink one just today. i didnt believe at all. good thing i did a research on it or i would have wasted my time too. haha. the only difference w/ mine and the original poster is that i had a different phone # on it. mine was 1-888-790-4463. haha. its still a scam anyways so… Thanks!

  425. Jill Says:

    Hubby just received a pink one today!! I thought it was a bunch of crap the minute he told me to look at it!! That’s why I’m here. I googled her name to find out what kind of scam they were trying to pull off. Afterall, you just don’t win $2,100,000.00 without entering anything! The phone # on his was 1-888-333-6247.

  426. Sarah Says:

    i got a pink one. my mom was like what is this?? when i read it, i knew something wasn’t right because i NEVER signed up for any kind of sweepstakes. so i did a lil research like what everyone here did and just as i expected, its scam. haha but thank you for this blog, without it i would have probably called. by the way, how many times do they change the number?? seems like different colored cards have different numbers.. mine says 1-888-333-6247

  427. Andrew Says:

    Yea I got a pink one today with the number 1-800-581-3324 and i like the odds of winning 1:26,000,000, but the weird thing is im only 16 so whats with that.

  428. Jenny Says:

    I received the pink envelope yesterday. I googled it-wanted to find out what NME stood for. Mine was only for a chance to win 25,000.00. I’m jealous. Thought about calling the # on mine 800-975-8583, to mess with their head, but its not really worth my time. Thanks for the heads up!

  429. Lauren Says:

    wow. i feel retarded. at least i didnt call. HA! i just got it in my mail, and i was somehow extatic because it didn’t look like all the other stuff in the mail. hey a broke college kid has to believe in something. guess i wont be winning that 2100000 from that little pink official buisness letter.

  430. Sandra Says:

    I just wanted to say that all of you have made me laugh (and think)… Thanks for the good times. Hey, if nothing else, Pat has provided a way to vent about this stupid junk mail stuff and a little education about telemarketing… scam or no scam. ; )

  431. SixStringedGoddess Says:

    Damn. I actually called. Told her I worked for a magazine and I receive all my magazine subscriptions free of charge. I realized it was a scam after I had given her the ID number. At least I wasn’t using my phone. Haha. I need money for college. I figured I’d try my luck. How ruuuuude! ♥ Thanks for the heads up.

  432. Crystal Says:

    Got mine today but i called before i looked on the internet but while i was talking to them i remembered my husband had gotten something a bit like this a while back so when she was telling me the price i kept saying no and finally got them off my back. i got on here and now i’m glad i didn’t take their offer

  433. Crystal Says:

    Got mine today but i called before i looked on the internet but while i was talking to them i remembered my husband had gotten something a bit like this a while back so when she was telling me the price i kept saying no and finally got them off my back. i got on here and now i’m glad i didn’t take their offer

  434. sonya Says:

    wow, such a long list of people.. how do we contact the authorities about this group? i just got that and it said it came from better homes and gardens and meredith .. so they are using actual company names.
    it looked fishy so never did call and looked it up the internet and voila.. huge list..

    call authorities, guys, those of u who did call them up.. no idea wot info they have managed to get off you… check it out..

  435. Dung Says:

    i got a pink one, they said they were from Better Homes and Garden, what a lie. -__- i called the number, im a sucker =( oh well, thanks for the post! goodnight!

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  437. poke.. Says:

    yeh, I got this S*%@ today as well… It’s funny how when people hear “Win Money” your mind actually thinks about calling. Though I knew right off the bat it ws a scam. Don’t call this number! Save your money. You have a better chance of winning big at a Casino, and if you really feel like throwing away your money, send some my way.

  438. Sandy Says:

    Don’t you screen these replies before you publish them?

    The BH&G – NME scam should be revealed on National TV, but the crap replies on this site should also be edited out.

  439. John Says:

    Is this fraud? Should it be reported to postal authorities?

  440. Jenn Says:

    i use to get them all the time.. usuallly the pink ones, then i moved. they stopped for about 6 months and now they found me again and won’t stop. this time around they said i’m going to win 2,100,000.00 it always increses each time they send me one.

  441. Dave from MT. Says:

    I been receiving these for years and i do not care about them some how they got my address my NEW address. Obviously they have a list that they can buy. STRAIGHT FROM ANY COMPANY YOU DEAL WITH. They do sell your address for a price. Some how they got my name. More in likely from a credit card company or from some websites. WHEN YOU SIGN UP ON A WEBSITE OR APPLY FOR A CREDIT CARD MAKE SURE YOU DO CHECK “”DO NOT SHARE MY INFO WITH PARTNERS/OTHER COMPANIES ETC”” This scam has been going on for a very long time. My grandma got them and she passed away a year prior to receiving the notice so, they buy your info from any company. Best thing to do from this point on is to contact the following places, BBB, FTC, your Attorney General for your state, the company to request them to take you off their mailing lists and phone number list or you will start a class action law-suit. BTW why has that not happened? If all of us did that, they would go bankrupt and fold then no more thievery. I fell for it once told them i didn’t have a credit card they disconnected the call and still kept sending me the crap. Oh well.. waste of trees, and the postal system… Maybe we should contact our congress person and governors and senators and see about getting a “Do not mail” law passed or “opt-out” for us mail… Imagine what chaos that would cause and the rates may go up but it is the price to pay to NOT RECEIVE SPAM MAIL.

  442. CG Says:

    Thanks for the information. I formerly worked with a credit card company and they can get your name & address from ANYWHERE. The government would tell you that it is NOT illegal until you get scammed out of money and then what would they do? They are probably running this business out of a basement in a third world country and using a US return address. This NME would tell you “hey….free enterprise”. If your smart just shred the pink papers and if you really want to bug your congressmen, then keep sending them the same complaint letter with a copy of this “pink” invitation. What else are we paying them for to work 9 months out of the year for? Thanks Pat but like many others have told you….”go screw yourself” and make an honest living!

  443. val Says:

    Well. Pat is now sending “pink official notices”. I’m so thankfull for the heads up. how does she getaway with the Good Housekeeping logo. The &%*#@ obviously has to much time on her hands. Good Housekeeping ought to let the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) know about this one, and I will too.

  444. Will Says:

    Yeah, just got the letter today. i fell for it, but thankfully my debit card has been declined for about a month, so they couldnt do anything. so i decided to have a little fun. here’s how our convo went down.

    -Picked up phone, dialed the number-

    seconds later, a lady by the name of diane picks up (at this point, i knew something was wrong, as it wasnt automated).

    she asks for my confirmation ID.

    i give it to her.

    she wishes me luck on my 2.1 million dollar possibility.

    she then proceeds to ask what i would do with said money.

    then she says, “but wait, i actually have another deal that will make you happy. im gonna throw in a diamond watch just for you trying out our magazines. i’ll let you pick out 2 magazines.”

    i said EGM and Computer gaming.

    she says, ok, now you get to try these out free for 90 days, no charge, and if you decide to quit b4 the 90 days is up, you get to keep all your gifts free of charge. then she said, “alright im gonna throw in mens fitness as well”

    suddenly, another lady came on the line and told “diane” that she would take me now. then this lady (i forget her name) confirms what magazines i said, and then proceeds to add some sports magazine and some racing magazine.

    she then tries to be clever, and ask for my expiration date on my card.

    i told her.

    then she stutters a bit and asks for my credit card number (little did she know my debit card was declined.)

    she types it in and then minutes later she asks, “umm excuse me sir? do you happen to have another credit card, because this one was rejected.”

    i said no, and then she says, “alright im gonna transfer you to our checking department, please hold.”

    it starts ringing, and after 4 rings i hung up, because it just felt WAY too suspicious.

    im glad i found this site, thanks you guys!

  445. Will Says:

    also to add to the above….the second lady that came on, said, “ok, and just for you calling today, im gonna throw in ANOTHER watch. two watches”

  446. Phil Toole Says:

    wife just called me about this today…I’ll be writing return to sender on it and sending it back out tomorrow…thanks for the info!!!

  447. JohnAHS88 Says:

    Hey, I just recieved this as a pink envelope labeled ” Important Delivery Letter” Thank you for the heads up, I love google.

  448. RACHEL Says:


  449. Jesse Says:

    HaHa got a pink one. lol awesome stuff. 😉 The sad thing is how moronic these scammers are, but the even sadder thing is that there are human beings out there who are stupid enough to believe them. (no offense if you happen to have fallen for it) anyway, good article.

    stay smart,

  450. Amy Says:

    What happens if you were stupid and gave your number?
    There is a risk-free 90 day trial. if i cancel the subscription, they technically cannot charge me, right? They would have to give money back?
    Please let me know.

  451. Justin Says:

    What is the Clearwater, Florida connection? the town was taken over by scientologists in the 70’s when they got sick of living on the ocean

  452. Adam Says:

    Got a pinky here, and just as a heads up, they apparently changed their number, or at least the one that was on mine had a different phone number, 1-888-333-6247.

  453. Justin Says:

    I thought I was rich. HAhahahhahah thanks!

  454. Ken Says:

    I got mine this week, and I was just bout to quit my job to :(

  455. Pat Haines Says:

    I think you people need to stop being so cynical and give me a call. I’ll be waiting.

  456. llambi Says:

    i got a pink from you i would love to have an extra 2 million i wish the maney was real

  457. Yvonne Says:

    Hahaha thanks for the heads up ppl i got mine today….it came to my school address… just excited someone finally mailed me something :)

  458. Lupita P. Says:

    Ok, this is totally messed up! I got the letter yesterday, and I really need money but my hopes are smashed! PAT HAINES YOU SUCK! You shouldn’t sucker ppl like that, especially to ppl who really need the money like me! Must be nice to have money, to bad nobody ever wins! F-off Pat! I have been receiving these letters for 3 years now, and they want your bank info and want you to buy some crappy mags. Well, give me the money and I’ll buy all the mags you want! Hell no, I’m not gonna waste anymore time on this.

  459. Rupan Sansei Says:

    They struck in Kentucky, this time under the guise of Better Homes and Gardens. Considering the only magazine subscriptions I have had in the last 5 years were SI, Official Playstation Magazine and Entertainment Weekly, someone must have bought some sort of list from Ziff-Davis or Time Warner because I know Better Homes and Gardens is owned by neither company.

    But it was a nice effort by Pat. Too bad they didn’t use a magazine owned by the same company of the magazines I subscribe to.

  460. los Says:

    They are invading Louisiana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  461. Randy Says:

    LoL just got mine, found it on the table opened it and its like good god, get a life people. I’ve been recieving stuff like this just recently over the past month, Thanks so much for you and others that put the scam info on the Web Saves me time and money researching it before hand!

  462. Bobbie Says:

    I got my pink slip with the Better Homes and Gardens logo.

    Immediately, first sense, I knew it had to be a scam.

    I have read almost all the feedback many have written on how our names have gone onto mailing lists and how we all want them removed which seems like a hard battle and time consuming to battle-out.

    Others have received their different color slips from N.M.E. = Pat Haines out of Clearwater, FL. Some have received these slips with the logo of Good Housekeeping attached.

    In reading the feedback, I did not come across seeing anyone contacting Better Homes and Gardens regarding this matter.

    A few days ago, I sent Better Homes and Gardens ( Help) a note asking Better Homes and Gardens if they were aware of MNE/Pat Haines sending persons sweepstakes notices to persons using their Better Homes and Gardens logo – including within these sweepstakes that no purchase was necessary.

    In this note, I also advised Better Homes and Gardens that the company by the name of N.M.E./Pat Haines would be ruining their reputation.

    On 11/21/06, I did receive an e-mail reply from Better Homes and Gardens – Customer Service/Support

    Their reply was so disappointing. Better Homes and Gardens reply read:

    Thank you for contacting Online Customer Service. This sweepstakes is not a scam and is administered by an authorized agent, N.M.E. However, we are not affiliated with the sweepstakes.

    The instructions for opting out and the number to dial are on the back of the mail piece. If you would like not to receive further mailers from N.M.E., you may call 1-800-690-3623. You will need to enter the ID number from the mail piece you received.

    Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

    Thank you,

    Online Customer Service.

    Is this disappointing or what!

    I guess Better Homes and Gardens must make good profits from N.M.E.’s magazines sales.

    Again, like everyone says…… if you call-in to N.M.E. to have our names and addresses removed, they have got your phone number which makes matters worse.

    Seems like the best thing to do, is to ignore notices (trash or burn) and move on since to stop this nonsense SEEMS “impossible”

    For all of us, we are not alone.

    This website is great!

    Can anyone else give me further feedback?

    Many Thanks!

  463. Bobbie Says:

    Additional note:

    I can only imagine……if someone whom had received a sweepstakes informational notice using the Good Housekeeping logo and they would write a complaint to Good Housekeeping, that the result maybe similar to the Better Homes and Gardens reply I had received. Very disappointing. Has anyone written Good Housekeeping?

    I at least thought that a large magazine company such as Better Homes and Gardens would be more supportive to put an end to the nuisances we all are experiencing.

    Wonder if because of everybody’s hassles with the N.M.E.’s/Pat Haines, if Better Homes and Gardens and Good Housekeepings’ magazines sales/profits have lowered-hurting them too in one way or another.

    Feedback Please!

  464. sbeck Says:

    Received Pink “Official Notice” slip today from Pat Haines. 99.9% sure it was a scam thanks for confirming that last 0.01%!!!

  465. David Says:

    Just got one here in Virginia, Pink slip, saying I’ll win 2 million.

    Has anyone actually gone threw with the deal though?

    Figure they’d give up after a while…

  466. jonny Says:


  467. jonny Says:


  468. Bender Says:

    If you want to get back at them, there is something you can do. The first time i got one of these i called for the hell of it and got some subscriptions and then before it was time for me to pay the first payment i cancelled with nme. They already submitted my name to the magazines so i got like 5 different issues of 10 different magazines. It was pretty sweet, i didnt pay a dime

  469. Anna Says:

    First off they DO give away the sweepstakes regardless of buying magazines or not I live in Clearwater and they actually had the winner in the paper. The odds may be very slim to win by far but its above board.

    Secondly they do ship the magazines and watch at the price indicated its per week but they are not decieving anyone. Come on now its simpy an inbound call center and if you actually check around they have not one fraud complaint or one for deceptive advertising at most people get mixed up on the pricing and that is clearly stated and the entire sale is recorded.

    As for delivery issues magazine subscriptions through such seviced may take several weeks to clear depending on the company that is hardly their fault they deal as a middleman for the various companies. Its a problem with this sort of operation but I bought magazines on eBay and they took a while to come and they sold my name to telemarketing agents so its not just them. As far as companies go they are quite respectable actually.

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  471. Missy Says:

    Yep Recieved my PINK Envelope in the mail today and its my 2nd NOTICE ohhh my god lmao Did I even get a 1st notice???????????? I dont remember, and i also dont remember signing up for sweepstakes that i have to buy magizines for. Like one of you guys said ITs easier to play the Lottery for 1.00 then to have ur Personal private information abused.

    Besides someone else said you have ur email address’s up here, how do they know its a email address that you never check or even use???
    So much for 2,1000.00 lol Ill get my money the honest way by paying taxes.
    Screw you Pat Haines pthhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  472. JAMES Says:

    I recieve these notices they are usually pink, don’t know if it is a scam or not ,but they say no purchase necessary to win ,but if you call they will try to sell you a subscription or something , either throw them away or don’t contact them and if they call you let them talk to your child or hang up on them

  473. Meetoo Says:

    Got me a pinkie today. Actually had a shred of hope when I saw the “Good Housekeeping” name. However, my BS meter was tilting in the red and I Googled it and here I am.
    Thanks for destroying that, “Oh, my God, it’s finally happening to me” dream I was having.
    Glad I Googled! Thanks for the heads up!
    Dream wreckers. Pat Haines, eat my @zz.

  474. Sam Says:

    I just got a pink slip today, too. I opened it before googling. Wish I ahdn’t o I could do the return to sender trick 😀 Thanks for the heads up!

  475. Ricky Says:

    I got a SECOND one today too. Last one was a normal postcard, this one is pink and has like Better Homes and Gardens on it. They are “Trying to reach me regarding my 2,100,000.00 dollars.

  476. Robert Says:

    Yep….got the pink one today.

  477. Sivapong Says:

    Just got pink one today. To be honest, I have no idea where the heck they got my address from. I’m the international student and have stayed here in US for only 3 months! Anyway, thanks for useful information.

  478. Ashley Says:

    I got a pink one and called…then hung up after all of the great offers.

  479. christian Says:

    i got a pink one, says that i won $ 2,100,00.00, i though i was a lucky man

  480. eddie Says:

    i got a pink one too saying I won $ 2,100,00.00, and that was completely strange cuz i didnt even knew how

  481. Mario R. Says:

    Hey heeey! I got mine. Pink, very well done. Man, we should make a Yahoo group or something.

    If those 2’100.000 they promise were real!! Thanks for this site! Mine is pink. VERY WELL DONE! How the heck do they get one’s info?

  482. David L. Says:

    I recieved a pink mailing from BETTER HOMES and GARDENS from the infamous “PAT HAINES”
    address that was used is:
    16120 U.S. 19 NORTH

    THERE’S ONE big reason why i knew this was B.S.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If it was an OFFICAL NOTICE
    and they were really trying to get to me and the fact that it’s a HUGE AMOUNT OF MONIES in the amount of $2,100,00.00

    then why… and i ask this again.. WHY was it not wouldn’t have sent it certified?

    heck.. UPS AND other shippers like that.. always want a signature or it comes hand deliver if it’s from an attorny or of that nature.
    so this is all bull.

    and don’t send it back in.. and don’t call em’

    because you just told them that yes….you look at your spam mail and read it and that they got a legit name and address and they will sell your name and address to the other f’n losers that do marketing scams to poor people like myself.

    i feel very bad for the people that fall for this , i truelly do because no one needs to have this c rap in there lives even if you don’t ask for it.

    and don’t call em’ either.

    all 800 numbers and 866 will get your number no matter if you have it block and don’t be evil back at them because
    the poor soul that is picking up the phone is a very low paid waged woman or man that is trying to make ENDS MEET for him or there family and they already HATE THE JOB they are doing and porobably get a milion calls from people like us wanting to messing with them , thinking it will hurt or destroy the person that is responislbe for this act.

    one thing i do recomend is this.
    and spread the NEWS and tell people like what we are doing.

    and even send an letter to your
    congress man or woman or who ever you think has the power to
    shut these losers down. even thou i think that will never happend
    but, i do like to personally thank
    the person that put this webpage up for everyone like me to spread the words of THE SCAM.

    This is why i love the INTERNET.

    happy hoildays and be save and last note.
    if you have senior family members or close friends and they get this……
    tell them. because they are the ones that usually fall for this kind of stuff.


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  484. milbourne cannon Says:

    i got one by phone from the snake pat haynes, my bvrother is old and is almost blind on diableitty and a low fix income. now they want $35.00 to cancel the order . what a rip off

  485. Mark Says:

    Just got a pink one… I could win 2.1 million! woohoo…… stupid. I’m considering throwing some bread flower into an envelope and mailing it to them. That might scare them a little bit.

  486. Mark Says:

    I received the “official notice” today offering $2,1M not too bad…
    I noticed that someone (Bobbie) did contact already “Better Homes and Gardens” and it looks like they are somehow active part into this mailing.
    I will write an email to the magazine too and I think that everybody should send a complaint.

    In addition I was wondering if between us there is an attorney to understand if we could put togheter some sort of legal action and have a part of the money that they are promising (I will write this in my email too and may be they will think again to what they are doing): it would be too much fun (and money)!

  487. M Says:

    So, I fell really stupid. I sort of signed up for it, but I didn’t give them my credit card number or my checkbook number. How could they possibly bill me? I’m confused. I need to cancel this right away, but at least I didn’t give them my debit or credit card information.

  488. Mark 2 Says:

    I just posted a comment as Mark (December 12th, 2006 at 2:49 PM)
    You could you file a complaint on this web site:
    with the Better Business Bureau
    and with the Federal Trade Commission$.startup?Z_ORG_CODE=PU01

    Even better if you write this in the email that you send to Better Homes and Gardens

  489. Amber Says:

    I just got an Official Notice from Good Housekeeping with an id # from N.M.E at Clearwater, FL… to win 2.1 million. nice huh? Mine was pink! sincerely from Pat Haines, sales representative… I have to call be 12/28/2006 or my ID number will expire…

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  491. Hampino Says:

    i googled the phone number, this is the only thing that came up.
    damn, and i thought that i had won 2,100,000.00 dollars. it’s such a random number that it has to be legit, right? 😛
    my pink slip says GOOD HOUSEKEEPING on it. sadly, i know that’s a magazine, so i was keen to the scam right away.

  492. Krabat Says:

    I got one today. What a joke.

  493. Jillian Says:

    How are these people able to use the names of magazines to set up a scam? I’ve seen comments saying that their official notice mentioned better homes and gardens…mine said “family circle” (another magazine). shouldnt these companies get in trouble for putting people through this bullshit?

  494. Withacee Says:

    Someone who I trust told me that if a legislator gets 50 complaints or comments on a topic (and legislators have paid people reading and documenting everything they get) they will act on it. So, every letter or contact to a legislator adds up.

  495. Rick Davis Says:

    Thanks alot. I got this postcard today and wondered what the hell was up.

  496. Edith Says:

    I got mine today Dec 28-06
    I recieved a pink mailing from BETTER HOMES and GARDENS from the “PAT HAINES”
    address that was used is:
    16120 U.S. 19 NORTH

    If it was an OFFICAL NOTICE pink
    Important Delivery we are trying to reach you regarding your $2,100,000.00 sweepstakes ID# same as all the rest of you.

    Thanks for the info…..if it sounds to good to be true chances are it is! You have heard of file 99 right? Have a great Holiday.

  497. John Says:

    Wow, it’s a little weird that we all won $2100000!!! Hey, we are all rich

  498. Mair Says:

    This is an oooold thread now. I got my “pink slip” today from good ole’ Pat – which is good – I felt left out. =)
    How can this nonsense go on for so long?

  499. Marie Jones Says:

    Got my pink slip yesterday and was suspicious – the return address was handwritten! Thanks for the head-up. Mine carried the Better Homes and Gardens logo – but when I went to their website, I couldn’t find anything referencing this “sweepstakes.”

  500. LW Says:

    NME is still busy in 2007. I got the pink “official notice” today. I had gotten a green postcard from them a month or two ago and shredded it. When I got the pink envelope today, I decided to google it to see who “NME/Pat Haines” is and found several scam sites. I came across an article by Charles Memminger regarding NME that is really funny. The link is if you need a good laugh after reading all these posts. I do feel sorry for the people that are now being harrassed with outrageous fees and charges. Since this has been going on since the 90’s, it looks like we’ll be seeing more from NME in the future. Happy New Year!

  501. Mike Says:

    I got a pink one. I can’t wait to get more so I can make a collage out of them. Green is gonna be good, but I hope they send a blue one! 😉 Sayonara Suckas!

  502. Bill Stevens Says:

    I heard that Pat Haines will screw anyone like a bunny rabbit for a magazine subscription. Best Luck Bill

  503. Alex Says:

    My son, a minor, got his pick copy today. Also $2,100,000.00 with a Family Circle logo. Happy New Year and thank you for the information!

  504. ImNotAnIdiot Says:

    First hit on google…. I had to make sure I wasn’t throwing out a couple mil….

  505. Joe H. Says:

    Sounds like Pat has made many new friends already. What a waste of flesh!!! Do we know if Pat is male or female for sure? Oh well, doesn’t matter, still a waste of flesh!!!

  506. SAM WALTER Says:

    PAT HAINES died about 5 years ago,the company uses her name to honor her,she was a valuable employee to the company.THE MAGAZINES are great and EXTREMELY CHEAP.i was a customer for 4 years and now i’am renewing my




  508. Terry C Says:

    I knew it was a scam right away. But hey I got pink!

  509. Stan Says:

    Jan: 15, 2007

    Yep!! just like the rest of the people on this list I thought “SCAM”, got my pink slip to day!!
    Keep up the good work, we need web sites!!

  510. Mike Says:

    I actually won the sweepstakes.

  511. Anna Says:

    I’ve received two pink “important delivery” slips. One of which I got this morning. It said Second Notice on it. I wonder what site we’ve all visited to make Pat Haines send us all the same thing in different colors… I for one wish i would have gotten a green one. Maybe then he/she would have caught my attention. 😀

  512. venum Says:

    It’s amazing that this web site still pops up in google when one searches for this scam… and ppl still posting here :) that’s just great..

  513. Amanda Says:

    I received my second notice today for 2,100,000 Sweepstakes from Pat Haines. It had Better Homes and Gardens on it. I knew it had to be a scam, but it made me read the fine print when I got another one today that said Second Notice. Thanks to this site, I now am certain it is all a scam. My theory: If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

  514. Daniel Says:

    Imagine it’s the real thing and this website is just advancing the odds of the dude who’s running this site? lol Nah I doubt it, I got the pink letter (second notice) in Brooklyn, NY.

  515. Laura Says:

    Good lookin out…yeah I will call Pat and screw with her

  516. NANCY LOPEZ Says:

    I got a pink slip yesterday, saying: dear Nancy,
    we are trying to reach you regarding your $2,100,000.00 sweepstakes ID# please call us at1-888-333-6247 sincerely, Pat Haines sales rep.
    thanks for the heads up! = )

  517. Maria Cincinnati, OH Says:

    Dear Person(s) who started this warning,
    Thank you for being there and watching for other good citizens. You ARE America not those loosers who send pink slips. Thanks a MILLION.

  518. Susan Balzer Says:

    Thank you, thank you. I knew it had to be a scam and am glad I checked.

  519. superman Says:

    it is the 100,000 part that makes it genius. if it said you won 2 million, well…duh that is fake. but 2,100,000? that HAS TO BE REAL!

  520. Kimberly Says:

    Yeah, I got a pink one in the mail with a tv guide logo on it. It said “second notice”. I don’t remember ever getting a first notice! And with that much cash involved you think they would call you on the telephone or send you a certified letter. The phone number to call was 1-800-581-3272. Of course I didn’t call it. I just got online and looked up the info I needed to know—-great big SCAM! Thanks everyone. Pat Haines who are you and why are you teasing poor folks that work hard for their money with a promise of millions that aren’t real?

  521. debbielee Says:

    Got my PINK ‘un today. Glad I came here first. I was amazed at how many people “PAT HAINES” is trying to gyp. Thanx Songoose!!

  522. j-kegs Says:

    got one of the pink ones today.

    2.1 mils.

    good thing i bought all the mags they offered.

    stupid scam.

  523. Sheryl Says:

    This is in reply to a magazine ad I answered and now I am getting delinquent account notices in the amount of 268.32 and never have received a magazine or anything. And further more did not agree to any magazines, so how can you ask for payment for something I have never got. I would like to have a reply to this please. My customer number is 14854436, and the supposed order number was 9279113. Please get back to me.
    Sheryl wright

  524. Khai Says:

    Omg, I feel soo stupid right now. I actually fell for it. I really had a good day that day and I thought that I had a chance at this sweepstakes. So I called in. I gave then all my info, and credit card info(damnit) and they did everything for me. Only the magizine subcripion though. After all that I was like, Wait, what if this is a scam. So I googled this pat haines and there it was. Scam all over. I got SERIOUSLY PLAYED. So I felt stupid for about 12 hours until the next day I called customer service. Asked to remove the $89 they put on my paypal account. They said they couldnt. “Sir, you have to give them a chance to arrive and then you could call cutomer service back” Im like, NO, I DONT WANT TO GIVE THEM A CHANCE. And she keeps repeating the same damn thing. Now I just wait helplessly until my payment goes though then I can get it back. This is a warning for the people who HAVE FELL FOR like me and THEY WILL find some way to keep your money. God I love you internet. :/




  526. Paul & Patty Says:

    Please do not mail me or my household any of your junk, do not call my home or contact my residence. I hope you have something better to do other than bother people! Get Me OFF of Your List!!!!!!! I dont want or need any of your business or or phony jokes & tricks …….


  527. Smitty Says:

    Yes, thanks for the info. I wondered if it was a scam, but this confirmed it. I also noticed that the phone number keeps changing from response to response and is also different on my “post gram”. Hmmm, wonder why that is? Thanks again

  528. Pat Haines Says:

    Hey all! I’m sorry I couldn’t speak to all of you individually! As you can imagine I’m very busy… Soaking up the sun in beautiful Waikiki while all of you pay my bills!

    I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for your wonderful contributions to my paycheck! And I’m saddened to see that many of you haven’t fallen for my riduclous scam decided to partake in this wonderful opportunity to win millions!

    In reponse to those of you who have been told that I do not exist. You are right! If I did “exist”, I’m afraid I would be promptly assasinated.

    Thanks a million for all you’ve done for me! Or should I say 2.1 million!


    Pat Haines
    National Magazine Exchange (NME) (pronounced ENEMY for good reason)

    Someone refresh my memory… Who won Strike it Rich I, II, III, and IV again? Thats right!!! NOBODY!

  529. anonymous Says:

    I worked for an agent with the hopes of paying off a huge household damage debt!
    After having to “verbally force”these poor widows,on fixed incomes,to buy magazines,I just could not
    take the STRESS/GUILT any more and QUIT!These people get your names from the credit card companies!
    Hence you,as a “PREFERRED CREDIT CARD HOLDER”get mail from JUST A MARKETING NAME of Pat Haines that the company uses!Once you “agree to try “our readers exchange program for a risk free 90 days”.It will be difficult to get your money back!Just DON’T call!

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  531. Anonymous Says:

    I Got my money back!!!! Im SO HAPPY. Im NEVER going to call that place back agian. All I did was say, “As of right now I REALLY need money right now and I will probably subcribe agian after my paycheck.” Then they said” is the price too high?” No it is not. It is really important that I get the money now. Then they did. Wow. I wonder what happens If I said the price was high.

  532. Trish Says:

    I got one of these in the mail today. I knew it was a scam but I just wanted to do a little googling to see how many other people won $2 million. I’ll hang onto the number so I have a place to call when my 2 year old is dying to talk on the phone. I’ll press *67 before of course.

  533. magewyntyr Says:

    $2 Million???!!!???? That lousy wench only offered me $25,000!! How cheap is that?! It’s so nice to see that others are alerting each other to the scam. My pink slip came from “Better Homes and Gardens”. I wish I was important enough to be eligible for $millions instead of just $thousands. I’m miffed…maybe I should call Pat and ask why I can be scammed for millions. lol…ask for another slip. Anyone else want to join in this crusade? We demand higher scamming rates! ROFL!!

    I can’t believe she’s killing trees over this….

    Ya’ll have a great day. Thanks for the info. Keep laughing.

  534. Sorin Gorgan Says:

    I got too this 2.1 mill $ today in mail box, this is 3th letter from this guys

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  537. Bitsy Says:

    I got one of the pink slips yesterday, read it this morning because I was too tired to read it last night. I think it’s really funny. Especially since they just sent it to a 16 year old. Even if I did call and they tried to sell me magazines, I wouldn’t subscribe because I don’t read magazines in the first place…plus…why waste my minutes calling stupid people? They are so dumb, they need to get a life and get real jobs that don’t scam people.

  538. Taylor Hsu Says:

    I got the pink one, I was suspecting this and did a research on N.M.E and Pat Haines. I hope they have an e-mail address so i can send a virus or something harmful to crush their computers^_^.

  539. kendrick daniels Says:

    fuck ass pat haines think she gonna get some money only thing she gonna get is a account thats close then they had the nerve to say that I won a diamond watch with my subcriber she aint getting over nobody but herself stupid bitch so thanks a lot songoose and praying that this scam stop.

  540. KERRI Says:


  541. Vernon Rude Says:


  542. Maddy Miller Says:

    i got this same piece of mail but it’s pink. glad i looked this up before i did anything stupid.

  543. Bobby Says:

    Yeppers, I got my pink one yesterday from Better Home & Garden. I get these all the time! Ugh! My boyfriend and I thought we would have a little fun by calling to “claim” my $2,100,00o and to see what bullshit they would tell us (I guess that’s a bad idea, even if u dont give out any other info they dont already know?! Damnit!). Anyways, he said I could get a free trial for 5 different magazines, and he threw in 2 DIAMOND watches, free of charge! LOL Once, he asked for my credit card I said fuck u and hung up! Sheesh, some nerve! Oh, and someone had handwritten the return address! LMAO

  544. Johnny A Says:

    Guess what, I received my Pink Second Notice “Important Delivery Letter” today from Pat Haines of N.M.E. I wonder how many people have been suckered into purchasing magazines against their will! Do you think they (N.M.E) has sold enough magazines to pay me my $2,100,000.00 yet!!! Hey Pat, just make the check payable to me, Johnny A. and I will let everyone know that this is not a SCAM!

  545. stacy Says:

    It’s great that there is a site like this that went you google N.M.E. this is what comes up. I wish there was someway to get off this mailing list. I am curious just how they got my information. I think this is the second time I have received this pink mailing. Keep up the good work and report this to agencies such as the BBB ( better business burea) Your State Attorney Gerneral’s office as well.

  546. Tim Says:

    It’s pretty slick making it look handwritten, to give you that personal touch…until you notice the lack of impression from the pen, the lack of bleed-through on the other side of the thin envelope, and the printed lines for the name and address on top of the “handwritten” name and address.

    Then the “Official Notice”…hey it’s official, so it must be important.

    The FedEx imitation lettering…makes it look like they spent some money to get this personally addressed official notice to you.

    The short deadline…2 weeks for me. Guess I better hurry and make this a priority! After all, its official!

    Wow, I really wish I had recorded the call for Amusement Assurance. Poor girl was sick and having trouble handling the cue cards or whatever she was flipping in the background so she could read off it. After some lame attempts at small talk and the 3rd time of turning down the magazine offer and the 3rd time of being told about how I am not obligated to purchase anything, I was transferred to her “supervisor” which turned out to be a recording that offered me (now push 1 for Yes and 2 for No) information on BMG Music, purchasing foreclosed homes right now!, and other things…after declining all offers for information on everything but the $2.1 million, I was told to have a nice day and given the dial tone.

    “I just need to confirm your number.”
    “What does the caller ID say?”
    “Well I guess that’s it then, isn’t it?”
    Didn’t stop her from asking a couple more times though.

    BTW, this call was done at the stroke of midnight just to see if anyone was awake.

  547. Sarah Says:

    I got a pink one. :)

    Thanks for all the info. Nice job messing them peops.

  548. Bree Says:

    I opened the pink one thinking, damn I swear I paid my bills on time. Then I saw that I’m a winner because I found this great site that I’m sure Pat’s just got to love.

    Pat, isn’t that the he/she from SNL?

  549. aycock98 Says:

    Looks like this has been going on for a long time. On February 14, 2007, I received the Better Homes & Garden pink version, that states “Second Notice” (or the “Strike it Rich V”). (First one for me.) Address of:
    16120 US 19 North
    Clearwater, FL 33764

    Based on information above, I take it you have to buy to win, even though it states there is no need to buy to win. Why the “Second Notice”? I never received the “First Notice”. Thanks for the information on this.

    I searched more about this, look at this website for On this website, they give other known aliases of NME/Pat Haines.

    For items like this, I really do hope Colorado will pass ‘Do Not Mail’ List, similar to ‘Do Not Call’ List. Does Better Homes and Gardens apporved of this usage?

  550. Matt Says:

    Just to let everyone know, if you call the number they give you in the “post card”. You will have to call them and tell them to remove you, there number is 1-800-235-3623. Have a nice day!

  551. Annoymous Says:

    LOL. I when I cancled it I thought I wasnt going to get anything. I ACTUALLY got the 2 diamond watches and the handheld orginzier. 3 words. PIECE OF SHIT. Fake leather, Fake diamonds. Handheld orginzier broke when I dropped it. Something you’d buy at a dollar store. Wow Pat. Just go to fucking hell. Quit scamming people. damnit.

  552. Carolyn Molinera Says:

    Mine is from Good Housekeeping. They are trying to reach me regarding my $2.1 million sweepstakes.

    I doubt if Pat Raines is a real person.

  553. Karen Says:

    Hey, Received pink slip today stating it was the second notice – never received the first – scam written all over it. Not this girl! When Publisher’s Clearing House’s van comes to my house then I’ll know it’s true!

  554. Tyler Says:

    Just got the pink slip today, i knew something wasnt right, so I checked google and it directed me to this place. would be awesome if this whole thing was legit, pat haines or whatever gets a half point for creativity

  555. Sveta Says:

    Thank u, thank u, thank u 4the heads up! I received the pink slip 10 minutes ago!
    I won’t call

  556. Missy Says:


  557. Harvey Jones Says:

    Just got my pink slip today also. Thanks for the heads up…

  558. Alberto Says:

    I got a pink “Important Delivery Letter” slip with a “second notice” printmark, inside a logo of Good Housekeeping and regarding $2,100,000 sweepstakes. Phone is 1-888-333-6247

  559. Linda Says:

    I just got something from her in the mail. Claims to be from Better homes and gardens.

  560. Linda Says:

    I just got something from her in the mail. Claims to be from Better homes and gardens.

  561. Nida Says:

    Received mine today from “Pat” in a nice pink envelope. How do they get our addresses?! Is it not enough bombarding our email inboxes with these spams, now its gotten to our homes…Well, thank god I read this before calling! Pat Haines is a naughty girl indeed. Judging from the amount of replies on this page…Boy! She sure gets around…haha…

  562. Nadya Leze Says:

    I get this today, March 2007 – i think they send those rose paper all the time… there is 2 millions…Hm…
    by the way – only one reference in internet about this phone, defently s-p-a-m!

  563. moparmadman426 Says:

    i got mine today and i’ll be FUCKING with their narrow little minds about the FBI and a few others!!!!!!!!!!!

  564. Anthony Says:

    Got mine this week. I may have been born at night but it wasn’t last night! Can someone give me a leg back up on my Turnip truck!

  565. Debbie Says:

    Just got my pink one today too!!


  566. Not a chump Says:

    I got my pink mailer today! Looking at it I was like wtf? I figured it was a scam as I never read or buy “Better homes and Gardens” so google to the rescue!

  567. Andre Says:

    I finally got mine today. I called the number and orderd magazines! hopefully i will win.

  568. Stefany Says:

    I got the same one. That SOB.

  569. Tom Says:

    I got the pink one and it was for Better Homes and Gardens sweepstakes for 2,100,000.00 I did know about them intell now but I called the but I didn’t get any magazines am I ok or not

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  571. Matthew James Says:

    I recieved an orange postcard today stating I won $ 7,100,000. First I thought it was a scam so I called and basically confimed that notion. They were very polite once I called and asked for my I.D. and also asked if I wanted to purchase magazines to enter into the contest to actually win the money. So, I didn’t really win the money yet which was pretty sad. I find it horrible wrong how these companies think it is right to send worthless advertisments of bulk like this. I am sure half of the Amazon tree population has been cut down just from these advertisments. Why not send emails and stop sending the paper advertisments? I mean, I would like that more because at least with email I can use a SPAM filter. If you look at it this would still be good. Trees would be saved, and they could still advertise– at even lower costs. I think I will package all the SPAM mail I recieve and send it off to recycle.. Hopefully something good can come from this after all.

  572. Annie D Says:

    Thanks A ton!!!!!!

  573. Eileen Says:

    I live in Indiana and my 18 yr old son got a pink one todays. It said Family Circle Sweerpstakes on it. We both entered the Family Circle Sweepstakes online and they asked your age. I believe they targeted him because they thought he was young and stupid and wouldn’t know better. Little did they know,Mother Hen was right there and as soon as I realized it was a fraud I let him know. Anyway, I think we ought to get he/she “Pat”(probably the same character from the old SNL shows where it hurts. We ought to all file a class action lawsuit and sue he/she’s ASS.

  574. Tom Says:

    I also received the pink postcard saying the same thing as everyone else. So should I keep this or discard it?

  575. Steph Says:

    I just got the pink Better Homes & Gardens version of this. After reading the back I discovered that my chances of winning are one in twenty-six million. Somehow those odds just aren’t speaking to me. I’m thinking it’s probably worth not signing myself up for more junk mail just to not win a sweepstakes…

  576. FREECA Says:


  577. Berlinda Says:

    I just got my first “notice”… i feel so special! hahah Thanks for setting up this site!

  578. beth Says:

    I got mine too. I knew it had to be a scam. But……I also got an email before the postcard! Lucky me!!

  579. Tom Says:

    Your inquiry regarding the mailing that you received referencing a $2,100,000 sweepstakes was referred to me for response.

    National Magazine Exchange (N.M.E.) is a magazine agent that sells numerous magazine titles, including Better Homes and Gardens magazine. While the sweepstakes that is referenced in the mailing is a legitimate sweepstakes, Better Homes and Gardens/Meredith Corporation is not a sponsor of the sweepstakes and is not connected with the sweepstakes in any way.

    We appreciate your taking the time to contact us regarding your concerns. I have forwarded your concerns to others here as well.

    Becky King, Paralegal

    Ph: (515) 284-2167

    Fax: (515) 284-2776

  580. Gail Painton Says:

    We have had so many scams on the internet lately. This is just anothr by mail. Thank you for the info. We don’t respond to anything anymore without a lot of research. Have had 30 this month from the UK that we won the lottery, that we didn’t enter anyway. Be careful out there folks.

  581. Ben Says:

    Thanks for posting about this. Gotta love these official looking ‘scams’. I got my pink telegram today, and my scam-dar overrode the hope that this was real. *sigh* If only we all could have won the $2,100,000, eh?! At least Pat Haines is keeping my life interesting!

  582. fwy Says:

    I get one, follow google then I get here.
    Thank s for the info!

  583. KIM Says:

    So like you I got this pink mail in which the return address was hand written, (from Florida), but ofcourse my spidy senses knew this was spam, so you confirmed it, thanks~ and good luck out there..cyber people :)

  584. REE-turn 2 sender Says:

    i too like all of you recieved this very “official” looking document… i unfortunately was lured in by the “important pink paper”. i guess it was my inexperience with the “real world” that got me into trouble.
    i called and i have to admit those deals did seem inticing. i tried asking the operators certain questions and such, and they would totally avoid my questions. darting around answers as if that were to suffice my needs of knowing. well i was lured into the gimmick and i gave them my debit card number and all of that other information that they asked for. if my husband would have been here he would have definately advised me to not fall of this scam…
    i recieved a letter asking me to choose from two different watches…male or female. also these watches had a “real diamond” in the middle of the watch. too good to be true huh? also i also got to check the box saying if i would also like to recieve my “free complimentry data organizer”. i checked the boxes that i was interested in, but i didnt mail it in because i didnt have a stamp. pretty funny. i think if i would have done so then i would have gotten myself into more trouble than i would have known what to do with. this was my first and LAST experience with this type of thing.
    well today i got this BILL in the mail saying that they tried billing me but my debit card wouldnt let them obtain the money. the bill was for $349! and i havent even recieved anything…NO MAGAZINES, DIAMOND WATCHES, OR DATA ORGANIZERS!!!
    i immediately called the company and the guy that answered wouldnt answer any of my questions. he was very avasive. he was also rude. he kept telling me that i wouldnt be able to cancel my subscription to the magazine company and also that he could help me and “break my payments up into three easy payments.” first of all…i am not willing to pay for something that i have not recieved. secondly i have never seen or heard of a magazine being worth $349! that is just insane!
    i did a little research and learned that if the employees tell you that they are going to cancel your subscription they can be fired. by the way the entire phone call is recorded…just to catch them saying that they are going to cancel your subscription. that is really rotten to do to such “loyal employees”.
    my husband was here when i called and he took the phone and began to talk to the guy that was on the other end of the phone. he began to understand why i was so upset from talking to the guy. my husband had to literally yell at the man just to make him understand that we arent paying for anything and that IF we do recieve any magazine we are promptly sending them back with no second thoughts. my husband became so upset that he just had to hang up on the guy.
    when i did call and subscribe i did get to talk to “Pat Haines”. this person was a woman that i talked to. “she” also told me that i had 90 days to call back and unsubscribe. that was 90 days after i talked to her. it hasnt been ninty days since i talked to her, yet the man that i talked to was so UNWILLING to let me cancel my subscription. this too was a reason that both my husband and myself became so upset.
    after my husband got off the phone i IMMEDIATELY called my bank and cancelled my credit card. the woman asked me why i was cancelling and i told her that my card was stolen…because basically it was. i only agreed to paying $7 a month for THREE magazines…not $349! she told me that the magazine company tried not once but TWO times to get into my account…but i gave them the wrong expiration date on my card…for once my carelessness actually paid off. the lady told me that they had tried twice hacking into my account and i told her that those were the people who stole my account number and she said, “Oh geeze” like she has heard it more than once. she cancelled my account and apologized for what has happened to me…
    i am writing this to warn other people that this is a scam… i know that winning 0ne Million dollars seems like a great deal, but lets face it…you have a better chance of getting struck by lightening. and i would have probally wound up paying close to a million dollars just for three magazines.
    if something seems to good to be true it usually is….

    thank you for listening to my experience….

  585. Leo Says:

    I got the pink mail today saying that I won 2,100,000 sweepstake. How luck me !!! haha

  586. Dan Says:

    Pat is a busy person…I just got a pink slip in the mail…N.M.E. 16120 U.S. 19 North Clearwater, FL 33764. Number to call 1-800-903-9311.

    Apparently, she has been trying to reach me for a 25,000 dollar prize for a sweepstakes that I didn’t apply. 10 years ago, this scam may have worked…thanks to the internet Pat gets less money…hopefully.

    The only thing that can come in the mail with official notice on it and be official is via the government not a sales rep from FL…good try though

  587. Tim Says:

    I recieved this today from the same number..

    It says Call 1-888-790-4463

    Dear [my name],
    We are trying to reach you regarding your $2,100,000.00 sweepstakes ID #[some ID number]. Please call us at the number. This is a free call. Sincerely – Pat Haines, Sales Representative.

    Expiration Notice: We must hear from you by the deadline on the front of this mailer. (you mean the one I threw out?) Otherwise your ID number will expire.

    So I’m guessing thats all a scam…

  588. Jessica Says:

    I got a letter today also. It is pink and this is not the first time I have got it. I received this letter all the time. Please tell me how to put a stop to this!

  589. Anja Says:

    First, thanks for the heads-up that this is a scam. I just received the pink one with the Better Homes & Gardens logo. It appears that it’s a legitimate sweepstakes which is why BH&G allows the use of their logo on it, but it is definitely deceptive practices at best because of the whole implication that you’ve won some kind of big prize. I do not subscribe to that magazine (nor have I ever) and will now boycott ALL Meredith Corporation magazines because they apparently approve of these shady marketing tactics. It’s pathetic.
    A couple of other observations: The words on the envelope “Important Delivery” are printed in the same font/size/color that FedEx uses, further trying to deceive you into thinking that it’s some kind of important piece of mail (maybe even from FedEx). And if you look very closely at the “hand written” return address, you will realize that this is not Pat Haines’ handwriting at all — it’s preprinted to look that way, hence another example of the lengths that these crooks will go to get your money. I think FedEX should sue these jerks for COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT and the rest of us do a class action lawsuit!!! Also, NME should be reported to the BBB, the FTC, the US Attorney General, and the AMA.

  590. Chuck Says:

    Got the same thing today. I pretty much knew it was a scam since I don’t get into sweepstakes. But I thought I would look up the number and I got this site.

  591. Myke Says:

    Yep, its a scam. Scammy scam scam. Since the telemarketers aren’t supposed to call you anymore, they come up with this “reverse telemarketing” scam instead. They won’t call us, we’ll call them. Trash it.

  592. JimR Says:

    I recieved this today from the same number..

    It says Call 1-888-790-4463

    Dear [my name],
    We are trying to reach you regarding your $2,100,000.00 sweepstakes ID #[some ID number]. Please call us at the number. This is a free call. Sincerely – JOHN BRODY, Sales Representative.

    The kicker is it’s not Pat Haines, they’re expanding…..

    Expiration Notice: We must hear from you by the deadline on the front of this mailer. (you mean the one I threw out?) Otherwise your ID number will expire.

    So I’m guessing thats all a scam

  593. JimR Says:

    JimR Says:

    April 17th, 2007 at 3:37 pm
    I recieved this today from a different number..

    It says Call 1-888-227-1098

    Dear [my name],
    We are trying to reach you regarding your $2,100,000.00 sweepstakes ID #[some ID number]. Please call us at the number. This is a free call. Sincerely – JOHN BRODY, Sales Representative.

    The kicker is it’s not Pat Haines, they’re expanding…..

    Expiration Notice: We must hear from you by the deadline on the front of this mailer. (you mean the one I threw out?) Otherwise your ID number will expire.

    So I’m guessing thats all a scam

  594. Dianna R Says:

    I have recieved the same letter but with a Different phone # 1-888-333-6247 stating the same winnings 2,100.000.00.
    But my rep is Pat haines.
    Shouldnt this be stopped cause wouldn’t this be considered faulse advertisment?

    Thanks for the heads up on the scam , and thank goodness we have the internet to look up stuff like this so we don’t get tricked.

  595. Penny Brewer Says:

    I have receieved this letter today and i have gotten there for years and so has my husband and we are tired of it,it seems like there would be something that some one could do instead of them leading the people on like they are and they are getting away with it

  596. Penis Enlargement Says:

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  597. Sheryl Banks Says:

    I have been receiving this notice for two years and when I get them, I throw it away. The number that is on the notice is 1-800-581-3307 and the Sales Representative on the notice is Pat Haines. I called the number only once and found out that they are trying to sell you magazines and whatever else they are will to try and sell you. I immediately told them that I was not interested in anything that they had to offer and I HUNG UP THE PHONE!!
    It’s nothing but a scam, however, I always remember that NOTHING COMES FREE IN THIS WORLD. The notice is CLEARLY stating that it is a Sweepstakes in the amount of $2,100.000.00. It is a big scam because all they want you to do is buy magazines and any other merchandise that they want to sell you. I doubt very much if they even enter you name into the so-called sweeptakes. I don’t even believe that there is a sweeptakes with this company. It’s all about selling magazines. BE CAREFUL because there are SO MANY SCAMS OUT THERE!!!

  598. Joie D Says:

    I feel sorry for people who don’t recognize the clues that identify these things as scams. #1–Did you even enter a sweepstakes? #2–Second notice??? Where was the first? #3– The Better Homes and Gardens logo lacked the copyright or trademark (whatever that little mark is) at the end. #4 — The disclaimer says the sweepstakes is sponored by NME. HAD YOU EVEN HEARD OF THEM? WHY WOULD YOU BE IN A SWEEPSTAKES IF YOU DIDN’T EVEN RECOGNIZE THE COMPANY????

    THINK, people!

  599. Julianna Says:

    I called and messed with them a while and told them I couldn’t commit until my check came in. That I had just gotten out of prison…. lol..

  600. Linda Says:

    I think we all should call and tell them we are from the Federal Government and they should cease and desist or go to jail for mail fraud.

  601. Dan Says:

    Someone posted their responses to any question you ask them about their company or Pat Haines. Probably someone who got fired. ** I make it a point to block my number and call at least once a day. (YES..Blocking your number from a cell DOES work, dispite what anyone else says. I have done it and tested it on my own 800 number to confirm). I always ask for Pat. When they tell me he isn’t available I insist that he is at lunch and to call me when he gets back. It is about his dog.

  602. Rahul Says:

    I also got the pink notice today and thought of doing some research before calling.

    One thing we must comment that Ms Haines is quite persistant, even with minimal results from 2005….wow.

    Thanks for the comments.

  603. Paddy Says:

    Got a yellow notice today from Pat Haines for Better Homes and Garden. Checked the phone number here (888-790-4463) and found your site. Thanks for the thumbs up!

  604. Jeanne Says:

    Pat’s still at it, May 2007 got mine and trashed thanks to this site!!! You know what momma says, if it seems to good to be true, it is :) So I figured upfront ‘me winning’ 2.1 million was too good so I ‘googled’ instead of calling. thanks

  605. Frank Says:

    Hey! Pat sent me my pink slip too! That was the greatest $2,100,000 worth of toilet paper I ever used!

  606. Mars Says:

    I thought it was too good to be true and now reading your comments I guess it was.

  607. richard Says:

    i got one last week saying i won 2,100,000.00 from better homes and gardens no less i dont even have a garden this guy gets around i calld and he wanted my acount number lol i told him id look up the sweepstakes first and he hung up nice try pat.

  608. Koree Cawelti Says:

    the funny thing is im only 16 and this idiot sent me something about better homes and gardens hahahaha even im not that stupid… what a loser

  609. JZ Says:

    I knew it was a scam right off. I called in and refused the magazines and did not give out any information. I was entered in the contest and I am awaiting the results of the drawing (if there is a drawing) which will be held on Dec. 28th at 5pm. The guy who answered got mad when I refused his “diamond watch”. He told me that he was not going to argue with someone who did not want a “free” “diamond watch” and 3 magazine subscriptions for a low price. I was then transferred to a recording trying to get me to buy magazines. It is a complete waste of time.

  610. Angela Says:

    That definately was a scam. I’m contemplating whether to call and mess with their heads. 😉

  611. Linty Says:

    I just got one today and the one thing that sent red flags was the fact that it was supposed to be from BH&G. I don’t get their magazine. Besides the wording of this makes it sound like you already one.

    Dear Linty,

    The way its worded one might assume they already won. I am tempted to call just for the fun of it.

  612. Linty Says:

    Heres a thought. Take the number down and the next time you are required to provide a phone number for a service, but aren’t comfortable giving out such information when you believe they could sell it to telemarketers. Well why not provide NME’s number instead.

  613. Jenie Says:

    hi Linty,

    U got a good idea about giving NME’s number instead. All i can say is that Pat is crazy………….anyway thanks for all of ur informations about this scam thing bec i just got pink mail from Pat ^%&$&*.

  614. Jenie Says:

    hi Linty,

    U got a good idea about giving NME’s number instead. All i can say is that Pat is crazy………….anyway thanks for all of ur informations about this scam thing bec i just got pink mail from Pat ^%&$&*.

  615. Aggie Says:

    Thank you, as I was on the phone with them went online and typed in NME. Definately a scam !!!. Didn’t agree to any magazines, but the girl I talked to put her agent on the phone telling her i’m ready to order. That’s bs. Thanx for the info.

  616. Gina Says:

    By law, these types of companies must provide an option for you to ‘Opt Out’. The # for N.M.E. / Pat Haines Opt Out is 1-800-690-3623. You have to have the ID # off the pink or yellow notice ANd the zip code to which it was mailed in order to opt out.

  617. Susan Says:

    My 80 year old father got the same pink postcard. Thanks for the heads up. He couldn’t remember if he signed up for something. Very grateful we had someone out there who did the research. You just saved my and my elderly parents a lot of aggrevation. THANK YOU

  618. Linda Says:

    I love the internet………You can check out all this BS… Thanks

  619. Linda Says:

    I love the internet………You can check out all this BS… Thanks

  620. Diane Says:

    I received an official notice today…was wondering if it was a scam.
    Thanks so much for the insite…

  621. Jeanie Says:

    Got it today. Thanks for the heads-up!

  622. DJ DIGITZ Says:

    ugh. im tired of reading all these. not because its not funny which some of these were. the return to sender with rocks or ripped up paper with an alias and a polite note made me seriously chuckle. but ugh. im just getting sick of reading all this. i keep scrolling down and down and i just cant seem to make a dent in the “get to the bottom” goal. well; maybe ill come back one day and read some more. i calleed today, have the pink one and a guy named Nathan will call me back and bother me tomorrow. but now i know i have a day to figure out a way to make sure he doesnt bother me next time. like maybe crying on the phone and saying my name, and saying “he is in the hospital, from a paper cut and how i am planning to sue the company over this injury. hey i ono. i just dont want my identity to be ~thefted~ thanks for the ear, readin it here, im on the west coast with a pink one, so cheer-.

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  627. Laura Says:


  628. Katie Says:

    I just got the pink one today. I am going to call her tomorrow and tell her I researched and it wasn’t good. I’ll also ask if she wants to enter in our bull shit competition. No purchase necissary and I’m sure she will win.

  629. Vonn Says:

    Thanks for the info, saved me some trouble.

  630. lauri in washington state Says:

    yay! thanks to this site I can safely and sanely throw my pink “second” notice into the recycling with out wondering if my “scam-antenna” were working properly.

  631. lauri in washington state Says:

    yay! thanks to this site I can safely and sanely throw my pink “second” notice into the recycling with out wondering if my “scam-antenna” were working properly.

  632. lauri in washington state Says:

    yay! thanks to this site I can safely and sanely throw my pink “second” notice into the recycling with out wondering if my “scam-antenna” were working properly.

  633. Mrs. Cash Says:

    Actually I knew Pat and her (then) husband Bob many years ago. They use to scam military families.
    They would buy phone lists and would prey on these families making them believe they were doing them this wonderful favor of selling them magazine subscriptions for only ‘pennies a month’. When they agreed to it over the phone they would send their good looking sales person to their door with a contract and sucker them into a several year contract for SEVERAL hundreds of dollars ($500+). Then… when the people would realize what they’ve just done, tried to cancel and refused to pay, Pat would then send their ‘Guido’ bill collectors to get ‘their money’ and go through their chain of command to collect…getting them into BIG trouble.
    Pat and Bob were $$$$$$$$$ hungry jerks!!!
    I see their now enjoying sunny Florida with a new twist on this scam.
    They buy phone lists and address lists probably from internet lists.
    I actually received a pink slip today and recognized her Pat Haines alias…her real name is Pat Baker (or so it was then).
    KISS THIS PAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  634. Mc Says:

    I got a pink one just now and at first I saw it was from Florida so I thought one of my frined sent me one of those telgram/special delivery things. But as soon as I read 2 million dollars on it, I just thought SCAM and Google’d it.
    Thanks for the info.

  635. sir ehhh Says:

    Got the tv guide pinky one a few days ago. *sigh* when will it ever end =P

  636. C.B. Says:

    Mine pink and makes it sound like I have millions of dollars just waiting for me. Scam!

  637. C.B. Says:

    Mine pink and makes it sound like I have millions of dollars just waiting for me. Scam!

  638. Roland from Wash. State Says:

    Thanks for your service. We have gotten this pink slip several times and have ignored them. This time I thought I’d check it out. Reading some of the responces you have received is really an eye opener. I think I will send a message to the Attorney Generals office, I think this is a real scam and fraudulent practice. Probably won’t help though.

  639. stacy Says:

    i would like my name removed off this bogus mailing list ripping not just me but numerous of people who are so vulnerable speaking of the elderly mainly and that is a shame i never did respond to these mails i normally trash but this time i want to be heard so many people are going through their own personal problems whether it’s over due bills or a disaster like the one i was involved with HURRICANE KATRINA and a lot of people lost homes,loved ones and even money from crooked contractors like i did and the last thing i need is some one telling me that i won 2.1million dollars which is pissing me off right now just thinking about what me and my 3 kids faced during our struggles not only through KATRINA but through problems trying to keep the father continue helping out by paying child support on a regular basis so don’t give people these bogus letters not knowing if they are a time bomb ready to explode their anger out on you with all these LIES DON”T SEND ME ANOTHER LETTER LYING IF YOU WANT TO DO SOMETHING GOOD JUST SEND THE CHECK YOU WANT THAT PERSON TO HAVE WITHOUT GIVING THEM THE RUN AROUND angry consumer

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  642. MrWoodz Says:

    Well i guess i’ll add to the collection, i just recieved my 3rd pink slip. Why could they not have sent my a yellow or green one? I even moved to another state and 5 month’s later BAM from my mail to my trash. I wonder how many gullible people have bought subscriptions from such a bad corperation. We should all pick a day and then mail all damn things back to them!!! my 2 cents…bye

  643. john Says:


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  645. Spanky Says:

    Woohoo! My pink slip said that I won $2,100,000.00 !!! I’m going to use the money to change my name to “Pat Haines” and send everybody in the U.S. pink letters!

  646. Lintybellybuton Says:

    I tossed my slip before I could write down their number. What is the number of the dump?

  647. dave Says:

    i recieved the pink notice today 6 19 07
    how could you peaple have possibly won the 2,100,000.00 when im gonna win eeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaw weeeeedogeeeee
    im glad i got the second notice cause i did’nt get the first,and i got just enogph time before theexpiration date of my #
    to order 100,000 magazines, wooohooooo ya think they’ll give me the mony if i order all those magazines?
    helll yea woooopeeeeee hawhawhawhaw
    WHAT A CROCK O SHITE………………………..!!!!!!!!

  648. Don Says:

    I say you all make a deal with me that you’ll enter the sweepstakes and split the winnings with me. I should have a pretty good chance of winning if you all take my advise and stick to the deal I just proposed. Just let me know where to pick up my share. But don’t advise me with an official notice. I might toss it without remembering our deal.

  649. William Burkhardt Says:

    Still get the same thing as of this date. Just ignorant people trying to money oout of more ignorant people.

  650. lesa Says:

    This is a total ripoff. Pat Haines does not exist. If anymore of their crap is sent to my 81 year old mother, its going to the attorney general of Missouri. This is nothing but a scam.

  651. lesa Says:

    Hey guys, here is their address, 16120 us 19 n Clearwater
    Florida, 33764 also p.o. box 9085 Clearwater Florida, I think we should all send them a letter,the scammers. If I lived in Clearwater I would go to their place of business and start asking some questions.

  652. Oldernotbetter Says:

    Got a pink one today. “Second notice.” Funny, I never received the first one! I’m 65+ and don’t want to be one of those seniors that get snookered by this kind of junk, so decided to google Pat Haines. I have had some verrrry interesting reading here. Mine has the TV Guide logo. How do they keep getting away with this sort of thing???

  653. Oldernotbetter Says:

    Got a pink one today. “Second notice.” Funny, I never received the first one! I’m 65+ and don’t want to be one of those seniors that get snookered by this kind of junk, so decided to google Pat Haines. I have had some verrrry interesting reading here. Mine has the TV Guide logo. How do they keep getting away with this sort of thing???

  654. Oldernotbetter Says:

    Got a pink one today. “Second notice.” Funny, I never received the first one! I’m 65+ and don’t want to be one of those seniors that get snookered by this kind of junk, so decided to google Pat Haines. I have had some verrrry interesting reading here. Mine has the TV Guide logo. How do they keep getting away with this sort of thing???




  656. Adrian P Says:

    I got a pink slip stating second notice to call this 800 number to receive a 2MIL payout. Caught me off guard for the fact that i never got the first one. So i plug the info on-line and behold i find this, thank you on-line. I will call anyways to mess around with them or better yet maybe have a news agency go do an undercover story on it to get the word out, never hurts!

  657. Terri michaines Says:

    I, recieved a pink Official Notice, Any one getting this stay away, it is evil and needs to be destroyed. I, thank God, for the internet. and our goverment should hold this company accountable for attempted funds from your account. Thank You, all for your website replys. I looked all those already there, and it was just like the one I recieved.

  658. Terri michaines Says:

    I, recieved a pink Official Notice, Any one getting this stay away, it is evil and needs to be destroyed. I, thank God, for the internet. and our goverment should hold this company accountable for attempted funds from your account. Thank You, all for your website replys. I looked all those already there, and it was just like the one I recieved.

  659. bill swain Says:

    hey thanks i got mine t day bieng 7/6/07

  660. MICKEY D Says:


  661. "Intellectual Coward" Says:

    My father called me today and told me I was trying to be reached for the 2 million dollar sweepstakes. I immediately got on the internet found this website, and from the moment he told me about it knew it was a scam. Without my permission he called and gave them the ID number and registered it in my name. I called the company and told him they were a bulls*** business and that they needed to have a real credited business. The “telemarketer” told me I was an intellectual coward, but pretty sure if I was I would have been take by this scam. I told him to get a real f***ing job and demanded a manager and demanded to be taken off the list. They complied. But I would love love love to contact the Better Business Bureau about “Pat Haines.” Anyone in for a mass letter???

  662. Andrina Says:

    I got this pink FedEx thing in the mail for the 2.1 mil dollar sweepstakes today. I ripped it up and threw it away. w00t.

  663. lintybellybuton Says:

    If I understand correctly this so called company so many of us have heard from probably have different numbers printed on their mailer. That being said what are the numbers you have on yours??? I’d to compile them and post them any number of sites such as a my space blog. Of course somebody out there on such a site would probably call to win the money.

    BTW, I think I am starting to get jealous of some of you. You have heard from this company more then once and I have only heard from them the one time. Why can’t I hear from them 2 times or more?????? If I don’t hear from by the end of August I am going to cry!!!

  664. Jessica Says:

    wow! uh i got the pink one today and why i looked her up is beond me but im glad i did b.c i was goning to call but i read about her and well now im not going to thanks

  665. Jessica Says:

    wow! uh i got the pink one today and why i looked her up is beond me but im glad i did b.c i was goning to call but i read about her and well now im not going to thanks

  666. govokinolij Says:


    Looks good! Very useful, good stuff. Good resources here. Thanks much!


  667. Steve Says:

    Yeah! I got one too, this is sweet, you guys are just jealous cause I’m going to win and you’re not!! : ) . Thanks for the heads up guys!

  668. Kay Says:

    Does anyone knows what I should do now? I had recieved a pink letter like those and had taken action into it. I just found out $70 was taken out of my account. Thanks you all for sharing this with me. I am going to cancel this shit and is hoping to get my money back.

  669. Kay Says:

    Does anyone knows what I should do now? I had recieved a pink letter like those and had taken action into it. I just found out $70 was taken out of my account. Thanks you all for sharing this with me. I am going to cancel this shit and is hoping to get my money back.

  670. lintybellybuton Says:

    I was just thinking if I receive another mailer from these clowns (YES I AM STILL JEALOUS OF THOSE OF YOU WHO GOT MORE THEN ONE MAILER), I am going to do one of two things.

    1) Send it back to them in an envelope.

    2) Turn it into my state attorney General. Has anyone tried doing just this?

  671. Someone Says:

    Hey Pat! Thanks for the Pink Paper, It had SCAM written alllllll over it. It was sp pretty that I just had to feed it too my shedder. It just LOVED it. Said it tasted like strawberry. Thanks again PAT HAINES.

  672. Someone Says:

    Hey Pat! Thanks for the Pink Paper, It had SCAM written alllllll over it. It was sp pretty that I just had to feed it too my shedder. It just LOVED it. Said it tasted like strawberry. Thanks again PAT HAINES.

  673. Jay Says:

    Lmao, i got mind today. fuck a pat haines lol

  674. tequila Says:

    Got mine today… hey, doesn’t it cost Haines to get print so much BS? maybe he/she gets paid with ad dollars.

  675. in Arizona Says:

    I got the same thing today . . . scam written all over it.

  676. nyght Says:

    Thanx everyone, I got one of the pink important delivery letters today, googled it, and got this. Thanks for the heads up!!!

  677. mo Says:

    do you believe that i ve come to the us 3 months ago and i have receive one too.
    this pat Haines does not have anything to do, she’ve been sending those notice for 2 years and she will never give up

  678. marlyn Says:

    got mine today and called then checked the website here…oh man i should have googled here first. nobody answered though.

  679. jimbo Says:

    got mine today and called then checked the website here…oh man i should have googled here first. nobody answered though.

  680. Rick Says:

    Got my yellow card today. Let’s try to get out to everyone we know that you crossout the barcode and write, return to sender and this should stop. I wonder if something like this could qualify for a class action lawsuit for harassment?

  681. John Says:

    Mine came yesterday, it a pretty pink one. It’s the first one I’ve received in 2 or 3 years. My shredder is going to enjoy it!!

  682. Betty Says:

    Thanks I knew it had to be B.S. so Thank YOU for saving me that phone call.

  683. Sree Says:

    Thanks. This is actually the second mail that I received from Pat (The first one is Pink and the other one is like a paycheck). I didn’t think it looked quite right, Got the yellow one today and decided to do a little research. but is there anyway that I can BLOC these SPAM/SCAM guyz. Thanks for all the Information.

  684. Eddy Says:

    You people here that are complaining are REAL losers and cheap as hell, you guys spend more money on freakin drugs in a month, not saying this is the most legit company in the world but the picture you guys are painting are horrendous, At most this company will charge you is 349 for ELEVEN MAGAZINES for FOUR YEARS, if any of you would bother to get a caluclator you would realize that you are getting a freakin STEAL, so I decided to do the path for you cheap ass hicks

    349/48 = 7.27 (Roughly)

    7.27/11 = .66

    So In reality you are paying 66 cents per magazine. Now I dont know about you but i read a couple of magazines a month (than again I CAN read) and i dont read any magazines with 66 cents on the cover. People throw around the word SCAM too lightly.

  685. Lintybellybuton Says:

    Fgee Eddy, you must be the smartest person in the world. If you are so smart then tell us something. Name the drugs each and every single one of are doing.

  686. don gillette Says:

    person should wipe their hind end, on paper, and send it back to them!

  687. Tamera Bulla Says:

    i recieved a second notice from u about winning the sweepstakes of 2,100,000.00

  688. Tamera Bulla Says:

    i recieved a second notice from u about winning the sweepstakes of 2,100,000.00

  689. TheEnigma Says:

    I’d strongly urge everyone DO NOT CALL. Sadly, some of the elderly can be smooth-talked in to buying even when they know they shouldn’t. If you call, how do you prove that you DID NOT order? The only way would be to record the conversation. If you go that route, I dare say that if you inform “Pat” that you are recording, the phone will go dead, Pat has hung up.

    You know for certain that N.M.E. will cheat you at every given opportunity

    If you are on the National Do Not Call Registry and YOU call N.M.E., you have broken the barrier with them and they CAN call you with NO penalty.

    If you are on the DNC Registry and you get calls that you should not get, go to the DNC Registry and file a complaint. If memory serves me correc, EACH violation is $10,000.

    Stay Alert, Stay Safe, and Stay with GOD. .

  690. Nigel Haines Says:

    I received a very official looking pink slip with a TV GUIDE logo on it requesting me to call 1-866-374-9975 “regarding my $2,100,000.00” and giving me a sweepstakes ID. #. I did nothing and if we could only get the word out to everyone to ignore this junk mail then N.M.E. would be wasting a lot of money.

    Is that 866 telephone number really a toll free number? If so maybe we should gather host of friends to call them from public phones and run up their phone bill as a way of protest.

    Has anyone actually ever won this sweepstake? Is there a valid sweepstake behind it? If not then I wouldn’t be surprized if N.M.E. was coming close to commiting mail fraud. I pity the poor people that are sold subscriptions to magazines that they don’t need. If this is not a criminal way to do business, then I am sure some of us feel it should be. If we make enough fuss about this by bothering our elected representitives then perhaps we can make a change for the better.

    Thanks to Spongoose for giving the people a voice.

  691. Patrick Haines Says:

    Yeah so everyone has been getting these for years. This scam has caused me to be yelled at by various people and has been the bane of my existence every since they started this shite. Think that I have grounds to sue them for using my name?

  692. Pistol Says:

    Well I just got one of these lovely pink mailers today. I thought it was actually an important document until I saw $2,100,000.00 printed, then I knew something was up. It looks like this is probably a legitimate sweepstakes, otherwise TV Guide would sue the crap out of “Pat Haines”, by the way I couldn’t locate the address of “16120 US Hwy 19N, Clearwater, FL 33764” NME knows no one would enter their sweepstakes, so they are trying to trick people into entering it unintentionally.

  693. LB_CALI Says:

    Just got mines!!! Lets play a game with this!!!! Lets see who recieves these things and in what location. I’m in Long Beach, CA. Now I’m off to f**k with these people.

  694. LENNY Says:


  695. MD_baby Says:

    I just received the pink envelope in my mail box today. I do subscribe to 3 magazines already, so I was a little worried that this was a scam.

    Thank you for everyone who has posted! This was the first thing to come up when I googled “NME Strike it Rich V”.

  696. Sioux Says:

    Yup, I had to do a lil’ research before putting this crap in the shredder. It’s always the same when these things read you don’t have to spend any $$. If ever drawn to actually dial, you will learn the opposite is true.


  697. Sioux Says:

    Yup, I had to do a lil’ research before putting this crap in the shredder. It’s always the same when these things read you don’t have to spend any $$. If ever drawn to actually dial, you will learn the opposite is true.


  698. Sioux Says:

    Whatever Eddy!!!

  699. kARLA Says:

    I got my pink letter from ‘Eddy Haines LOL
    people RECYCLE!!

  700. LeVi Says:

    Wow.. Didn’t have any clue this was such a big deal! I wish there was something (maybe there is) we can get done about this! I just recieved my pink slip today .. Not knowing, I Googled it. I called just to see what it was all about.. Not gettin anywhere by asking questions, i just hung up. Lets take these people DOWN!

  701. SpaceMan Says:

    Got one today, Yellow! So I opened it took out the slip. put in my own little slip, a hand giving the finger, with have a nice day!!. I sharpeed HEAVILY out my address and the little number in the bottom right, from both sides of the paper, then put in a piece of month old beef jerkey :)

  702. Ron - Los Angeles Says:

    Oct 12, 2007 – Los Angeles

    Just got the pink winning notification. Glad I googled it. I knew I didn’t enter a sweepstakes so I figured something was up.

    Maybe I should be Pat Haines for Halloween. Doubt anyone would get it though..


  703. Outcast III Says:

    Well guys I got an “Official Prize Listing” letter the front of the letter, through the address box looked like a check so of course I opened it. Luckily a month or so ago I saw an episode on Oprah about scams. Still glad I found out thankx! Another website to checkout would be I’m really thinking seriously about fooling with heads!!!

  704. GOT RIPPED Says:

    My husband got one of the green letters! He called! We’re screwed! Even after he told them he wasn’t interested, they still withdrew 67.08 out of our account! Overdrawing us of course! I filed a complaint with BBB! I’m super ticked! Changing account # now!!

  705. SAME STORY Says:

    Got a green slip in the mail today, “STRIKE IT RICH V” from good ol’ buddy Pat Haines. I don’t know why anyone would give out their checking accounts over the phone/online unless you are buying from a trusted site, might as well fork over your social security number and your house keys.

    Apparently this scam has been going on for years, the only thing that’s changed is the color of the paper and the name of the sweepstakes!


  706. fuzzysten Says:

    i have been getting this crap for years,i even sent a letter to pat haines and told her to take the tax money out and send me the rest of my socalled winning 2,100,000.00 and never heard from her but did i ever get the junk mail then…… why can~t some of our elected officials stop this kind of garabage……… mybe they are in on it……..

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  709. Krista M. Says:

    I just got my pink letter in the mail..naive me called and gave the ID# to be entered into the sweepstakes.but thats it..i then hung up on them as they proceeded to try and sell me magazines..there was no exchange of credit card you think ive been scammed still? I NEED ADVICE!

  710. Joe B. Says:

    Thanks for the warning – Lots of folks fall for this scam.

  711. Penisa Says:

    Write your comments here, please. Because I cant say any thing here.

  712. Acomplia Says:

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  713. CK Says:

    Hi, guys. I’ve got a green one couple of days ago and guess what? I really enjoyed talking to them and I got an EXCELLENT deal on magazines, like Cosmo, Vogue, Forbes, and ESPN+Exquire , the last 2 ones come for free. I really liked that idea and in addition there 2 diamond watches and a free electronic organizer that I’am going to receive pretty soon. I will let you know and post pix. Have a good luck!

  714. AB Says:

    Got one of those as well…didnt think they would give you that much money without purchasing something…thnx for the heads up guys 😀

  715. Kat Says:

    I know who they are, there will be no more letters going out after too long….

  716. Jared Says:

    Haha! I called her! What’s interesting tho is that they have my credit card info…. can’t I sue them for doing so?… anyway… I confirmed the expiration date and what kind of card (I got a lil confuse…).. then Pat was like

    “okay, now I just need to confirm your 16 digit credit card number” and I was like “Hmm… I really do believe you have a great offer, but I would need some time to consider it.”

    Her reply, “Well, if you don’t do the offer now, you might not have this amazing package again”.

    I answered back, “Yes, so it seems, but I don’t like to be rushed and would really like to take my time and think about it it”. She keeps changing the package and etc. Then I said,

    “Hmm, you know what, as of right now, I don’t think I’ll be able to accept this offer since I’m still in college and would only have time for Text Books not Magazines”. Haha… then she replied (pissed), “Well we’ll cancel your free gift and the 5 other magazines, have a good day and good luck *hang up*”.

    All I can say…. she’s a fckin’ btch… lol!

  717. Jared Says:

    Haha! I called her! What’s interesting tho is that they have my credit card info…. can’t I sue them for doing so?… anyway… I confirmed the expiration date and what kind of card (I got a lil confuse…).. then Pat was like

    “okay, now I just need to confirm your 16 digit credit card number” and I was like “Hmm… I really do believe you have a great offer, but I would need some time to consider it.”

    Her reply, “Well, if you don’t do the offer now, you might not have this amazing package again”.

    I answered back, “Yes, so it seems, but I don’t like to be rushed and would really like to take my time and think about it it”. She keeps changing the package and etc. Then I said,

    “Hmm, you know what, as of right now, I don’t think I’ll be able to accept this offer since I’m still in college and would only have time for Text Books not Magazines”. Haha… then she replied (pissed), “Well we’ll cancel your free gift and the 5 other magazines, have a good day and good luck *hang up*”.

    All I can say…. she’s a fckin’ btch… lol!

  718. Jared Says:

    Haha! I called her! What’s interesting tho is that they have my credit card info…. can’t I sue them for doing so?… anyway… I confirmed the expiration date and what kind of card (I got a lil confuse…).. then Pat was like

    “okay, now I just need to confirm your 16 digit credit card number” and I was like “Hmm… I really do believe you have a great offer, but I would need some time to consider it.”

    Her reply, “Well, if you don’t do the offer now, you might not have this amazing package again”.

    I answered back, “Yes, so it seems, but I don’t like to be rushed and would really like to take my time and think about it it”. She keeps changing the package and etc. Then I said,

    “Hmm, you know what, as of right now, I don’t think I’ll be able to accept this offer since I’m still in college and would only have time for Text Books not Magazines”. Haha… then she replied (pissed), “Well we’ll cancel your free gift and the 5 other magazines, have a good day and good luck *hang up*”.

    All I can say…. she’s a fckin’ btch… lol!

  719. Ash Says:

    I received a sweepstakes card in the mail. I knew it wasn’t real because it offered me 2,100,000.00!!!! Yea, as if. So, I called to see what they had to say. and yes they tried to take my credit card number. He had a big line for me about how legit this was. Some people are just not right feeding lies to people to to make a living. Honestly, I’m young and I caught on right away and I decided to do some research. I’m glad that there is a site like this that can give us a heads up on these people.

  720. DONN Says:


  721. Mike Says:

    i just got a brown official looking envelope.on front Postmaster:if undeliverable,Please handle in comformance with mail security regulations as outlined in the U.S. Postal service domestic mail manual.Act to avoid prize entry forfeiture.So i opened it and said Official Notification for a drawing of $45,000 on the back in small print I saw so i typed it in and saw this website along with other ones.I was reading and saw it was a scam…If I want to buy a magazine I will go to the store and buy one.I don’t have to give them a credit card # .I see her(PAT HAINES) Commision does’t expire untill June 31 2011, so we’ll have to keep throwing this stuff into the trash.I’m sure I will get another one,pink one this time.

  722. MJ Says:

    I got one with “John Brody” on it. They even got my name wrong. 😀

  723. nita smith Says:

    Got mine today! Nice pink note saying I won over 2 million dollars! …I had my 5 year old fold it up, and cut out a pretty snowflake. Looks great on our christmas tree! : 0 )

  724. emily Says:

    i got a pink 1 today and i called im a minor and they changed it to my dads name i hope i didnt get him into trouble but his name is a lot like mine so mabee it was ment to be sent to him

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